Cebu City | Half-Day Tour (DIY) Itinerary

I am in Cebu City for Sinulog 2019. I have been back and forth Cebu since 2005 when I started working. But believe me or not, I have never explored Cebu and even Cebu City on my own. Even if we have team outings and adventures before, it never occurred to me to even visit even the nearest tourist destinations of Cebu.

Now, since I'm here for a week, right after Sinulog we try to explore the new and the old tourist destinations of Cebu and tried the half-day tour. Now, this is a Do-it-your-own itinerary. We booked a taxi as our ride for the whole day (P2,500 for 4hours; entrance fees not included). 


  • ENTRANCE FEE: 50.00 pesos
  • PARKING FEE: 20.00 pesos

There are 2 famous farms in Sirao. You can pick either of the two. Most of the drivers know where this is. It's more of a sight-seeing tour. Okay for seniors but active kids may find it boring though. If you have kids with you, make sure to hold them tight and brief them before going in. There may be some slippery portions and mostly downhill.

You might want to dig in some grilled bananas, we call them "ginanggang" in Iligan and some sweet corn!


  • Entrance Fee: 50.00 pesos
  • Parking Fee:
  • Sight-seeing tour

I am in awe about this gigantic structure made out of love. The materials used really amazed me. People dub it as the "Taj Mahal" of the Philippines.

The seniors (elders) might have difficulties going up and down the slope entrance, you may request the guard to drop off the senior at the second entrance instead.

The place and the view are absolutely Instagrammable. 

If you're hungry grab some hotdogs! I mean the edible ones 😂😂😂. 
PS: Don't bring food inside or pay for corkage.


  • Entrance Fee: FREE 
  • Parking Fee: FREE

Taoist Temple is not really a tourist destination. But it is well known for many as it has been granting wishes even to the non-Taoist. 

People say that even if they are non-Taoist they prayed and made an offering to the Gods and granted wishes. Students who are about to take their board exams, people praying for healing and couples asking for a child come here to pray. 

Observe silence and don't take pictures of the altar. 

After Taoist Temple, we head to Ayala Terraces for grocery and a fun dinner at Blue Elephant Thai Restaurant at Apple One Tower. 

DIY Tour Expenses:
Taxi for 5 hours: 2,500.00 (3 pax) >>> This is too expensive I think... do you think so? Please comment below
Sirao Entrance Fee: 50.00 x 3 = 150.00
Temple of Leah Entrance Fee: 50.00 x 3 = 150.00
Parking Fees: 20.00
Hotdogs: 80.00 x 3 = 240.00
Grilled Banana (ginanggang) : 20.00 x 3 = 60.00
Sweet Corn: 50.00
Water: 20.00 x 4 = 80.00
Total Expense: 3,250.00 or 1,083.00 pesos each 

If you notice the photos are really dark, it was a gloomy and rainy afternoon. But "laag" has to happen. hehe

I hope you enjoyed this blog and feel free to drop some comments and suggestions in the comment box below.


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