Lanao del Norte | Land of Beauty and Bounty (places to visit)

I have lived almost half of my life in Iligan City and we have been crossing Lanao del Norte ever since I was born. My dad is from Misamis Occidental and my mom is from Misamis Oriental. We live in Marawi City and then Iligan City. Lanao is always a beauty. Before we reach MisOc we pass by Lanao del Norte municipalities and haven't really visited and discovered secrets and beauty in each of the Municipalities.

Many groups attempted to conquer Lanao del Norte and it's municipalities because of its beauty. Good governance plays a big role. As far as I can remember since the Dimaporo's governed the Province, there's peace and order in place and recognizable developments. Lanao del Norte, I mean Mindanao as a whole has been suffering from this stigma of peace and order issues ever since. The recent siege in Marawi (although it's in Lanao del Sur) greatly affected the entire Mindanao most especially Lanao del Norte.

My recent visit was amazing, and I honestly didn't expect it to really be. I saw it's a beauty as raw as it is and meet the amazing people. Noticeable developments and improvements show that Lanao del Norte has been governed well. Take Tubod, Lanao del Norte for example. Even the farthest and inner places or hinterlands have well cemented and wide roads. We went to beaches, lakes, and waterfalls and the roads leading to these destinations are very impressive. 



We were booked at the MCC Hotel or the Mindanao Civic Center Hotel, which is located just next to the Mindanao Civic Center itself. It is run by the government so they are generating income from it, other than the used rental of MCC. So don't be confused when you see staff in uniform just like that of any government employee of the Province. More detailed information about MCC Hotel will be posted in another dedicated post. 


During the visit, I have talked to the people of Lanao del Norte and they have mentioned that LDN was way-way better today. They have a convention center which Iligan City doesn’t have.  A decent hotel and resorts, tourist destinations that are not touristy and NO ENTRANCE FEES. I really envy them for being to enjoy nature as raw as it is and for free. Of course, cottages and rides are not included but you can still enjoy it for a minimal fee, but I mean if you don't really have to use them, you can simply swim and enjoy the view with no money spent.

SND Beach [Sultan Naga Dimaporo, Lanao del Norte]
  • FREE Entrance
  • Use of Cottage and Inflatables are with a minimal fee

    La Libertad Lake Adventure [Kapatagan, Lanao del Norte]
    • Paddleboat ride
    • Fishing
    • Sightseeing

    Cathedral Falls [Kapatagan, Lanao del Norte]

    • Swim
    • sight-seeing

    Mindanao Civic Center [Tubod, Lanao del Norte]

    Dapit-Alim House of Worship [Tubod, Lanao del Norte]

    Dapit Alim means a place for healing. Devotees believe that the place has a miracle that sick people come here and pray for healing.

    Pagayawan waterfalls [Bacolod, Lanao del Norte]

    Longest Boardwalk and Fish Sanctuary of Kauswagan, Lanao del Norte

      They have been enjoying minimal fees in their electricity and water supplies. And most of all, security and progress that is very evident in their municipalities. According to one resident I have talked to during the visit, they feel loved and comfortable with the government of Lanao del Norte for many years now and the recent talks about the inclusion of some Lanao del Norte municipalities in the new law for Mindanao fear them that it may cause or lead to misunderstanding and chaos to the people of Lanao del Norte. As someone who has friends and relatives in LDN, I have the same fear and doubts about it too. Thus everyone in the province is encouraged to go out and vote in the nearing plebiscite. 


      • Andrew's Pizza (Tubod, Lanao del Norte)

      • Soy Cafe & Diner (Maranding, Lanao Del Norte)

      • Campilan Bakery and Barbecue (Maranding, Lanao del Norte) 

      Other Province owned initiatives ;
      • Provincial Capitol of Lanao del Norte

      • Provincial Ceramic Center

      It's my first time here. I didn't know that Ceramic Jars is a distinct product of Lanao del Norte. 
      • Provincial Pasalubong Center  

      I really envy the province for having a provincial pasalubong center that houses the many local products of Lanao del Norte.
      • Provincial Tourism Office


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