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Lanao del Norte | Land of Beauty and Bounty (places to visit)

I have lived almost half of my life in Iligan City and we have been crossing Lanao del Norte ever since I was born. My dad is from Misamis Occidental and my mom is from Misamis Oriental. We live in Marawi City and then Iligan City. Lanao is always a beauty. Before we reach MisOc we pass by Lanao del Norte municipalities and haven't really visited and discovered secrets and beauty in each of the Municipalities.

Many groups attempted to conquer Lanao del Norte and it's municipalities because of its beauty. Good governance plays a big role. As far as I can remember since the Dimaporo's governed the Province, there's peace and order in place and recognizable developments. Lanao del Norte, I mean Mindanao as a whole has been suffering from this stigma of peace and order issues ever since. The recent siege in Marawi (although it's in Lanao del Sur) greatly affected the entire Mindanao most especially Lanao del Norte.

My recent visit was amazing, and I honestly didn'…

Davao | Bemwa Farm Arakan Davao

In one of our official office trips in Davao, it would be too boring if there is no detour. From official trips, detours are important to keep yourself sane. Ahahahaha okay, that's a big alibi from me. But this is one of the nice detours I had. I don't really drive, I am the ultimate "pasahero" of all time. I can feed you, keep you awake and do the navigation, but I don't have the courage to drive. So yup, during one of our trip to Davao City, on our way home we checked out BEMWA Farms in Arakan Davao. 

While on our way home, I was checking Google Maps to check for the location of Bemwa Farm. The funny thing is, while on the road, Mobile signals are unreliable. We stopped for a while for lunch in one of the roadside carenderia, ate and left without asking for directions for Bemwa Farm. After eating we drove off and continue our search since we couldn't really find the corner where we are supposed to turn, we asked a lady walking in the roadside. She gave us …
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