El Nido Palawan | Island Hopping Tour (Day3)

It's Day 3 for us in El Nido and 2nd day of our Island Hopping Tour. This time we are doing tour package A and B. They don't usually recommend this combination because of the travel time, We will be crossing an open sea and the success of this tour depends on the weather and the wind. Which makes it more exciting! hehe.

We woke up to a gloomy weather and we are seeing big waves ahead of us. But the boatman and our guide Ryan assured us that our safety will always come first. Ryan, our tour guide is a licensed tour guide of El Nido and Palawan. In Palawan, they practice strict compliance with the law which is really good, because that simply means we are in good hands. 

Tour Package A, they say, should not be missed in all of the tours. Majority of the highlights of this tour is what made El Nido a must visit destination in the Philippines according to some journalists. They say you haven't been to El Nido if you haven't been to one of the spots here.

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Combination Tour A and B:

  • Seven Commando Beach and Papaya Beach
  • Small Lagoon
  • Big Lagoon 
  • Snake Island
  • Cudugnon Cave
  • Pinagbuyutan Island (aka Lovers Island)

Seven Commando Beach and Papaya Beach

What to do here?

  • swimming
  • snorkeling
  • chill at the beach

Small Lagoon

Photo by Doi Domasian of TheTravellingFeet.com

Photo by Doi Domasian of TheTravellingFeet.com
Getting in and out of the lagoon is quite a challenge. But it's very fulfilling if you did it while kayaking. It requires a bit of skill and quick thinking not to get stuck and maneuver perfectly without getting a cut from those sharp-edged rock formation. 

I personally don't know I can kayak and did it quite right the first time with Jam. Or probably I already did but I can just no longer remember. 

What to do here? 
  • Kayaking
  • swimming
  • sight-seeing

Big Lagoon

Because it's big you can go in and out of the lagoon with your big boats. No need for a kayak but if you prefer, you may. It's just 2-5 minutes away from the Small Lagoon.

What to do here?
  • kayaking
  • swimming
  • sight-seeing

Snake Island

Snake Island was named after it’s snake-like white sandbar connecting the two islands. When it’s low tide you can cross the ocean going from one island to the other by walking along the white sandbar.

Cudugnon Cave

I’m pretty amazed at the person who discovered this beauty. Who would have thought that a small opening has a grand hall inside it? 

What to do here?
  • Sight-seeing
  • swimming
  • caving

Pinagbuyutan Island

Also known as the "Lovers Island". It has a perfect view of the sunset that makes it overly romantic for couples. A lot of couples was said seen to have proposed to their loved ones in this place. The sun, the rock formations and the shape of the rock mountain itself are perfect for honeymooners and wedding proposals. 

What to do here?
  • Swimming
  • picture taking
  • camping

Majority of the Photos in this post are owned and taken by Doi Domasian of TheTravellingfeet.com.
Thank you Northern Hope Tours for arranging our Palawan escapade itineraries for us. 

For booking, you may have it arranged with Northern Hope Tours. Check out their contact details below;
Website: http://www.Northernhopetours.com
Facebook: http://Facebook.com/northernhopetours
Instagram: http://Instagram.com/_northernhopetours

I will not get a commission or anything if you mention my name or my blog (The Purple Slippers) to them when booking but it may earn you a discount. Hehe 

Share your Palawan experience below if you have already, but if you are still planning to go there, feel free to drop me a question in the comment section below. 

Share the article too, help others get the ultimate vacation they deserve. 


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