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El Nido Palawan | Island Hopping Tour (Day 2)

It's Day 2 for us here in El Nido and we are about to try the Island Hopping Tour Package C and D of Northern Hope Tours. Just to set your expectations, the travel agencies and even the people who're trying to sell group tours on site have the same rates. That's one of the nice things about Palawan Tourism is that they standardized the rates and services to be offered to all tourists coming in, for a healthy competition among agencies.

But of course, to be chosen as an agency you must have a plus deal to get more inquiries and get more clients. So as a good deal, we chose to combine the tours to get the highlights of each tour package. For day 1 of Island Hopping, we chose Tour Package C and D. You may also request for combination tours upon booking. They will give you the best combination possible for you and your group.  Watch this video that I tried to edit and compile. Hehe, this is such a newbie one but hopefully, it will encourage you to travel to El Nido. 

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