Touring Singapore on A Budget

Singapore is one of the most expensive destinations in Asia. If you ask Filipinos living in Singapore, they'd probably tell you to prepare a good amount if you are visiting Singapore. The cost of living in Singapore is high compared to other Asian Countries. If you have at least 15,000 pesos for a 3-day trip, you will surely survive Singapore. I created a separate post for the itinerary and budget you may check it out here.

Here are few tips on how to tour around Singapore on a budget;

1. If you're staying Singapore for 3 days better get the Tourist pass EZLink card (unlimited rides for 3 days) for easy transport from one place to the other. Cost: SGD 20.00 

2. Book an accommodation in a hostel with shared bathroom. Hostel beds with shared bathroom can be rented out for at least SGD 18.00 per day. Prices are higher during weekends and on holidays. For a good deal, you can book your accommodation ahead of time. Book here
Why hostel? Because you will be touring anyways! Unless you plan to have a staycation in Singapore then you choose a fancy hotel instead. :) Message me for bookings. 

3. Buy attraction tickets ahead online. Online travel stores like KLOOK, for example, has great deals for discounted tickets for Singapore attractions that can help you save more and keep you stay on a budget.

4. Have your USD or PHP changed to SGD (Singapore dollar) at MUSTAFA! They give the highest exchange rate in Singapore. The Travelex Money Exchange found at the CHANGI AIRPORT is almost equal to that in MUSTAFA or sometimes slightly lower. Don't exchange your Peso to SGD in the Philippines, most especially at the PH airports. You can change your Peso to USD instead.

5. Purchase a Tourist SIM CARD. There are a lot in Singapore you can choose between SINGTEL and M mobile. You can buy it from SGD15 to SGD30 that is valid from 3 to 10 days.

  • SINGTEL gives 4GB free internet, unlimited local calls, few minutes international calls for 3 days.
  • M mobile offers 100GB free internet, unlimited local calls, few minutes international calls for 5 days. 4G SIM Card (SG Airport Pick Up) for Singapore
You can buy this at a great discount ahead of time and pick it up the moment you arrive at the Singapore airport. 

6. Shop for gifts or pasalubongs at Chinatown for Singapore memorabilia's like key chains, ref magnets and/or bags. You can get key chains at 42 pcs for SGD 10, 7 shoulder bags at SGD 10.00 or ref magnets at SGD1.0 each. For other branded items you may go to IM at Jurong East or Bugis Junction Mall.

7. For cheap quality buys of branded products, check out CHANGI CITY MALL just at the Singapore Expo.

8. For your meals, eat authentic Singaporean meals at hawker stores. You can get a complete set at SGD 3.00 to SGD 5.00. If you're eating at Makansutra or in restaurants, each dish display has 2 to 3 indicated prices, the lowest one is for a single serving. 
For example; $4/$7/$12

  • SGD 4.0 = small serving (single serving)
  • SGD 7.0 = medium serving can feed 2-3 people
  • SGD 12.00 = large serving which can feed 3-5 people

9. If you are a tourist and you're buying items that total to at least SGD 100.00 in a single receipt, you are entitled to tax (GST) refund which you can claim at the airport after passing the Immigration counter or the store can give you an outright discount, just show your passport.

10. There are a lot of free tourist destinations in Singapore that you can take advantage of prioritizing visiting them if you are on a tight budget. You can pick 1 themed attraction if you prefer to indulge a little. Most of the time, that's Universal Studios Singapore. But if it's okay for you to leave that out the Universal Studio globe is free, and other beautiful scenes in Sentosa are free of entrance fee too. 

8 FREE SITES you can take advantage while in Singapore:

1. Sentosa Resorts World and Universal Studios globe
2. Gardens by the Bay
3. Marina Bay Sands view
4. Esplanade at the Marina Bay
5. Merlion statue at the Marina Bay
6. The City Hall
7. Chinatown Walking Tour
8. Little India Walking Tour

I hope this article helps your future trip to Singapore. If you liked this blog post, please give this a thumbs up and share it with your friends and family who might need this budget tips to Singapore. Comment down below if you have questions or suggestions too. 

Can you suggest other destinations in Singapore that are free of charge too? Comment down below, and I'll try to visit them on my next Singapore trip.


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