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Universal Studios is one of the themed parks in Singapore that receives a lot of visitors in the country. If you are a fan of movies, you are pretty familiar with Universal Studios for sure. When I visited Universal Studios last year (Feb 2016), We started at around 8 am in the morning and went home at 7 PM. This year we were quite late and arrived Universal Studios at around 10 AM. The sun was already too hot. He he


Last year we bought tickets online directly from their website promos [Link here]. We were lucky to have purchased it at only 54 SGD each with a free tumbler. 

In my recent trip, we got our discounted tickets at our hostel. Their hostels in Singapore offer discounted rates in all the touristy destinations of Singapore. We got it at 69 SGD  compared to the regular 75 SGD when purchased at the park. 


If you are a thrill-seeker experience the rides, but be mindful of the wait time and reminders posted outside each ride. Wait times could usually run between 5-120 minutes or more. Most especially for the most thrilling once. 

If you are a real adventurous and as long as you don't have severe heart/health conditions Transformers and The Mummy is a must try. But if, roller coaster ride is your thing, try Galactic and Human. 


If you're not fun of rides, no worries. Universal Studios is both kid and senior friendly destination. Make sure to pick a schedule and a map at the entrance so you can see what the schedules of the shows that you can watch during your stay are.

* Don't miss out the aqua show at the WATER WORLD.


You can also line up and meet the characters in different areas of the park. Fall in line to have your photos taken for a souvenir. Check the schedules for you to know who's around at that time.

* Don't miss out BUMBLEBEE


You can buy some memorabilia from the store of each attraction available. You can purchase a shirt, ref magnets or key chains. If you're fun of buying tumblers like me (hehe) grab one, it also comes with FREE Drink if you purchase a mug. 
Food stalls are available everywhere, quench your thirst or fill your tummy they have it. Like literally everywhere. 

There's so much activity happening all at once at Universal Studios Singapore, you might not even notice it's already 7:00 PM. The sun usually sets at 8 in the evening. 

*Photos used in this post are a mix of Feb 2016 and May 2017 visit to Universal Studios Singapore

Have you been to Universal Studios? In which country? Share your experience in the comment section below.

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