ILOILO | Immersion with ITA Tribe - Guimaras

Traveling for a cause (SFC Voluntourism)

This trip is part of the PRE-ICON activity of Singles for Christ International Conference last February 15, 2017, in Guimaras Island Iloilo. 

After our activity at Bala-ang Bukid, we went straight to the ITA Tribe for immersion. One of the activities during PRE-ICON is evangelizing people by simple acts of kindness to them. Introducing Jesus most especially to people who believe in different kind of Gods is never easy. But with God's grace, through simple acts of kindness, we hope that they will see Jesus in us.

We brought gifts for them to help them with their everyday life, like rice, some canned goods and noodles, and also hygiene kits. We introduced Jesus by sharing our God-given talents and resources. 

With us were our brothers and sisters from Papua New Guinea and Seychelles (Africa). Their reactions were priceless. One woman said, she's happy to see someone who looks like them and speaks in English, because the majority of them never had the chance to go to school and learn the language.

Their Tribe leader welcomed us and shows his gratitude by performing their dance ritual and culture. According to the coordinator who brought us there, it was their first time to see foreigners who look like them and their level of happiness that day was surprising.

Disclosure: This is a pre-arranged activity coordinated by the Couples for Christ and Singles for Christ community of Guimaras Island. If you are interested in making an outreach activity for the ITA Tribe, please coordinate with the local government ahead of time. 

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