Hong Kong | Transportation around Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a small country but it has a well-planned urban living architecture and transportation system. Their modernized transportation system and a well organized traffic makes Hong Kong tourist friendly for first time travelers and visitors like me.

Hong Kong has 5 public transportation available, the tram, bus, mini-bus, taxi and train or their MTR.

1. Tram / double decker tram
Is a bus like transportation that is powered by electricity. It's good for short distance travel. A good way and it's also the cheapest way for sight seeing around the city. Locals have advised us to just hop on the tram and seat there and just enjoy sight-seeing from end to end of the route. 

2. BUS/ Double decker bus
You will also see big busses roaming around. It has different routes and bus stops in each every bus stop stations around. It's also one of the affordable ways to move from one destination to the other in Hong Kong. Double decker aircon buses for long travels within the city. Buses that goes up to highlands are not double decker bus.This buses can carry 48 or more passengers.

3. Mini-bus
This are actually shuttles or vans that carries 16 passengers around Hong Kong. It is more of like Jeepneys here in the Philippines but more organized and systematic. 

4. Taxi
For a more private transpo you can take the taxi anytime you wish, as long as you are going to the same direction of the traffic flow. I don't know how to explain it in English, lol but what I mean is, unlike in PH where you can just say okay we are going North and even if the car is facing south it'll just U turn somewhere possible and you can go to your destination quickly. In Hong Kong, the traffic goes one way most of the time. And if your going south and the traffic is going north you have to go a long turn before you'll reach your destination. It's more of like, a suppose to be 10 minute walk but since you ride a taxi you spent 20 minutes before reaching the destination. Some sort of like that. lol (ang hirap ha!)

And it is because of this kind of traffic in Hong Kong, a lot of people would prefer to walk, like seriously walk in order to reach the destination faster. 

5. MTR - Metro Transit Railways 
These are bullet trains that gives you a faster way of transporting from one destination to the other . It is the most efficient and time saving transportation in Hong Kong. It can get you to places faster than a bus. Riding MTR for example takes only 30 minutes going to the AIRPORT than riding a bus going to the AIRPORT which takes approximately an hour or more. 

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