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Campuestuhan Highland Resort was originally planned to be a retirement home of the owners. Inspired with the travels they have before they envisioned developing the 5 hectare lot into a tourist destination because of its cold weather like that of in Tagaytay City. It has a lot of great facilities that you and your family can enjoy. To read more about that click here.

Campuestuhan Highland Resort is also a home of adventure rides. These are a must try but not for the faint hearted. Here's a few that are operational during our visit.

1. ZIPLINE - 200 pesos per person*

2. Rope Course - 200 pesos per person*

3. Sky Bicycle - 100 pesos per person (one way)*

4. Horseback Riding - P150.00/person (15 minutes)

5. Hamster Wheel - P 100.00/person

6. Grand Carousel P 30.00/person

7. Mini Train P 30.00/person

8. Bungee Trampoline

Coming Soon:

These are the rides which will be available in our next visit. Yay! I'm excited for this.

1. Chair Lift

During our visit, the chair lift is already there but still non-operational. It is still undergoing safety and maintenance check to make sure that it is safe to ride and ready for public use.

2. Outdoor Gym

3. Windmill

This one is for the Windmill ride. Coming soon. 

The truth is, during this trip, I wasn't able to try any because I was injured. I have a swelling twisted knee (no not arthritis hahahahaha #defensive). So I'll be back soon with the fambam. It's already in our bucket list. 
More about Campuestuhan Highland Resort :

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