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Campuestuhan Highland Resort is owned and managed by Mr. Ricardo “Cano” Tan and Mrs, Nita Tan. It is located in the boundaries of two of the most progressive cities in the province – Bacolod City and Talisay City, Campuestuhan is a 5-hectare property that radiates the splendor of the lush green forests of Mt. Makawili. Up here, you  can see the breathtaking view of almost half of the entire province of Negros Occidental, and even that of Panay Island. Most of the time, the weather in the resort is downright cool. When we were there it rained hard and temperature decreased that we had zero visibility of the place for an hour and it then sun shined so bright after the rain. hehe 

From that grassy area situated about 800-meters above sea level, the 5-hectare property of Mr. and Mrs. Tan has undergone an enormous transformation and is now one of the most famous tourist destinations in Negros Occidental.

ENTRANCE FEE: 150.00 PER PERSON (*Price may change without prior notice)


1. Restaurant Pavillion

They serve good food here and they can cater a good number of guests. When we went there we were almost 800 pax seated comfortably in the restaurant. They also have a coffeeshop and a private area in the second floor that can fit up to 50 guests. The tables and chairs are made of hard wood that is quiet heavy but durable. This is what you can actually see from the Entrance gates of Campuestuhan Highland Resort.

2. Children's Playground

If you have kids with you, they will surely love this area here most specially if you are here for a quick trip and no time for swimming.  This huge playground will surely keep your kids busy. Just make sure that someone is watching them while they play. The playground is very near the hanging bridge and other adventure rides, make sure the kids would go up in heights alone.

3. Hanging Bridge

Hanging bridge runs across the children's playground. It's main entrance or starting point is located beside the Restaurant Pavillion. If you are afraid of heights or you have high blood pressure, please take this course with caution. Better yet, risk walking across at all for your safety.

But kids are permitted if crossing with an adult.

4. Heroes Hall

Heroes hall is  like a display of life size action figures from all over the world which is very familiar to kids and kids at heart.

5. Swimming Pools

They have 2 swimming pools the "Shark Wave Pool" and the "Dolphine Pool". It's depth is kid friendly but still needs supervision from adults most special with the kid is small. They have standby lifeguards but if there are a lot of swimmers in the area, it would be too difficult for 4-5 lifeguards to monitor everyone. Proper swimming attire is required. And yes you are looking at a foggy 1PM in the afternoon scene in the picture. hehe can you imagine how freezing the cold is? But the kids are loving it.

6. Spa

If you feel tired walking around this 5 hectare resort you can stop and have a relaxation at their spa station. They have the traditional spa and chair spa for all guests.

7. Coffee Shop

The  coffee shop is strategically located near the playground. Maybe because while your watching your kids playing you'll seat back and relax while sipping coffee. hehehe strategic indeed.

8. Ice cream Parlor

Despite having a cold weather, sun is always up. And ice cream in un-negotiable, whether it's cold or not eating ice cream is good anytime. I mean, it's ice cream you can't resist from its temptation.

9. King Kong

That big King kong structure is a steal. You can't resist going up and have a photo with that giant Gorilla and re-inact that scene in the movie. It's one of the most photographed area of Campuestuhan Highland Resort. Located just between the two big pools of the resort. It's also near the starting point of some of the rides (will talk more about the rides in a separate post).

10. Photo Services

If you went to Campuestuhan Highland Resort and was not prepared to bring your own camera, they have walking Photographers in almost all of the picturesque locations of the resort. Facilities like the Heroes Hall, King Kong and the rides have standby photographers who are willing to take your pictures for a fee and have it printed in their photobooth stations,

This are just few of the things that you can see and experience in Campuestuhan Highland Resort. I'll feature it's rides and unique accommodations in a separate post.

How to get there? 

By plane: If you're from Manila/Cebu, Book a flight from Manila/Cebu - Bacolod City :)
From Cagayan de Oro City you can now book a direct flight to Bacolod City :)

By Boat: Cebu City to Iloilo City via Cokaliong ; then Iloilo City to Bacolod City via roro or fastcraft

By Land: 6 hours land trip from Cebu City to Bacolod City

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