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Bacolod | Campuestuhan Highland Resort - Accommodations

Campuestuhan Highland Resort is one of the famous tourist destinations in the Visayas today. You can actually see their ads in the airport or in the island living ad shows in almost all of the airport Terminals and boat terminals in the Philippines.  Campuestuhan Highland Resort offers adventure rides and world class facilities for you and your family. I created a separate post for that just click on the links below; Bacolod | Campuestuhan Highland Resort - RidesBacolod | Campuestuhan Highland Resort - Facilities Not only that, Unique Accommodations are also available in Campuestuhan Highland Resort. I really love to experience this accommodations soon. 

A. Good for 3 persons P 3,000.00 - Free entrance fee and breakfast for 3 persons B. Good for 4 persons P 4,000.00 - Free entrance fee and breakfast for 4 persons C. Good for 5 persons P 5,000.00 - Free entrance fee and breakfast for 5 persons BONITA HUTS

Bonita …

Bacolod | Campuestuhan Highland Resort - Facilities

Campuestuhan Highland Resort is owned and managed by Mr. Ricardo “Cano” Tan and Mrs, Nita Tan. It is located in the boundaries of two of the most progressive cities in the province – Bacolod City and Talisay City, Campuestuhan is a 5-hectare property that radiates the splendor of the lush green forests of Mt. Makawili. Up here, you  can see the breathtaking view of almost half of the entire province of Negros Occidental, and even that of Panay Island. Most of the time, the weather in the resort is downright cool. When we were there it rained hard and temperature decreased that we had zero visibility of the place for an hour and it then sun shined so bright after the rain. hehe 
From that grassy area situated about 800-meters above sea level, the 5-hectare property of Mr. and Mrs. Tan has undergone an enormous transformation and is now one of the most famous tourist destinations in Negros Occidental.

ENTRANCE FEE: 150.00 PER PERSON (*Price may change without prior notice) RESORT FACILITIE…
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