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Gear up for your holiday travels with Smart World Travel WiFi

Enjoy online connectivity in over 100 countries for as low as P390 per day

[28 November 2016] Leading mobile services provider Smart Communications is making your overseas getaways a lot more enjoyable and worry-free this holiday season with the Smart World Travel WiFi, a portable WiFi hotspot that lets you stay connected in over 100 countries for as low as P390 per day.
Available to all Smart and non-Smart subscribers, the Smart World Travel WiFi may be booked online with your preferred Day Pass or credits at for delivery right at your doorstep before you fly out of the country.
Upon arrival at your destination, simply turn on the device, click start then press confirm to enjoy 1GB data for a whole 24-hour period. With the Smart World Travel WiFi, you can connect with family, friends and colleagues via popular chat apps; post real-time updates and upload photos of your adventures on your Facebook and Instagram; and keep up with your social circles on Twit…

HK Tourist Destination | The Big Buddha

This is Day 3 of our Hong Kong Trip, and we went to the Big Buddha at Ngong Ping Village. We are suppose to be exploring Macau, but due to lack of research, we missed that it's a holiday in Hong Kong and majority of the locals are heading to Macau for a short vacation. We arrived at the Port at around 10 in the morning, and a huge number of locals greeted us. We haven;t booked any tickets prior to arriving Hong Kong, when we checked we could no longer get a ticket enough for a day trip in Macau. So we decided to just skip it and visit the Big Buddha instead.

HK Tourist Destination | Hong Kong Disney Land

One of the reasons why people would love to go to Hong Kong, other than shopping is visiting Hong Kong Disney Land. Disney Land they say is the happiest place on earth. I mean a lot of people will contradict to that but seriously it's a happy place to be in. In Disney Land, you can be a kid again.

Hong Kong | The Charter House Causeway Bay Hotel - Accommodation

We visited the Charter House Causeway Bay Hotel during our trip to Hong Kong. This hotel is one of the options we were looking into when we were looking for a suitable accommodation in Hong Kong. The Charter House Causeway Bay Hotel is a 4-star Hotel conveniently located at Wanchai Road Causeway Bay. It is a classic hotel with comprehensive facilities, comfortable environment, and vibrant lifestyle. It is a favorite choice of stay whether you are traveling for business or a vacation.
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