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When we arrived in our hotel in Hong Kong we noticed this cute spaces with very unique stuff in store for sale. They are like those äbubot shops in the Philippines. They are like stall shops that houses local businessmen with elegant, unique and local products. SOLO is a very nice concept by ETON Properties which encourages local Hong Kongnese to put up and start a business. SOLO buildings encourages creativity and entrepreneurship.

Each unit is approximately at 3-4 sqm floor area with 1.2sqm x 2.5sqm dimension. Which is quiet enough for a start up business owner to really perform and do business. We visited 2 specialty shops during our stay other than the ones we saw near the Mini Hotel in Causeway Bay.

The first shop we visited was Echoes on Earth. It's a lifestyle and Trade Fair Store. They sell everything organic. They also sell locally produced products of Hong Kong. She markets her products online through social media. For some customers who wish to see the products first before buying it, she invites them to visit her shop at SOLO. SOLO is located at the prime locations of Hong Kong making it convenient and ideal for businessmen.

Address: Room 519, Solo Radio City, 505 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay, HK

You can check out more of her products at FB: Echoes on Earth. Make sure to like her page to get some updates.

The second shop we visited was owned by a Graphic and Web designer. She advocates helping Hong Kongnese start up owners sell more through her website. Producers contact her to help them sell their products online. She makes sure that products are of good quality, unique, handmade and locally made by a Hong Kongnese. She also help them introduce their products to the market by helping them join tradefairs and bazaars in Hong Kong. She gathers all the products in her store helping the producers make it out there.

I find her concept really humbling with help as a motivation to make the business successful.

There are also gadget stores, nail art shops, RTWs and the likes in SOLO. Each floor caters to different industries.


Rental spaces for businesses in Hong Kong is quiet pricey due to limited LOT spaces in Hong Kong. Majority of the pictures you see about Hong Kong is composed of tall buildings because of that fact. Lot area is sold at extremely high value if compared to us here in the Philippines because majority of the portions are reclaimed. SOLO provides affordable rental spaces to start up businessmen.

I'm looking forward to seeing this concept as well in the Philippines so as a lot of locals will be encouraged to start their businesses and most specially cater the local produce we are all proud of.



Info: All areas in Solo are fully furnished with stylish design. Users can enjoy a private and individual unit without paying high rental cost. A single fee includes the room, furniture, internet connection, electricity, 24 hours security service and management fee. Solo offers a wide range of size for users to choose from. Simply choose a size you need and start up your business within hours!

Disclosure: This post was created in partnership with Eton Properties. All opinions expressed in the post are my own and not those of Eton Properties 

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