HongKong Diaries | Birthday Escapade

Hong Kong has been listed as one of my to-do list for this year. Year 2016 is a year of travel for me. It started with my overseas travel in Singapore with my missionary sister and then domestic travels, lots of it came along the way unplanned. This Hong Kong trip is a 5 days birthday escapade with Pinay Travelista and Travel Jams.

Our Hong Kong tickets were already bought way back March 2016. We were so excited with my travel blogger friends. But since we bought it early we thought that we can still make great itineraries and a well thought of travel. I am not much on details and number of tourist spots, I am more on the experience it self. That's an alibis actually. I am just too lazy to move fast, I just wanted to chill out and enjoy the moment. Yup, that's the reality.

I do like cheap travels but I prefer convenient travels lately. Maybe as we come in age, we appreciate more slow paced and convenient travel. And by convenient I mean a booked hotel accommodations way ahead, booked transportation, booked package tour for an easy travel and a well thought of itinerary. That's what I actually wanted to do in Hong Kong, and guess what? The exact opposite happened.

The fly date came and my passport was not yet with me. The travel agency who was working on my Visa Application unfortunately did not mail my passport on time. So I have to request them to air cargo it instead to the Manila International Airport and pick it up there, an extra expense I haven't thought of.

I didn't have any budget and itinerary prepared for Hong Kong. Good thing that the "Pinay ravelista" went to Hong Kong few months ago, so she already has the idea on where to go and what to do. In short, she created and shared her itinerary. Travel Jams also came prepared, she also has her must visit list that we can follow should the first itinerary won't be possible.

We have our confirmed hotel accommodation days before the exact trip. We haven't booked any tour packages and we got our return tickets quiet late making it a bit expensive already.

With the circumstances mentioned, I bet you'd say the trip is definitely not pushing through. But we did put it through. I'll be writing our adventures and our misadventures in Hong Kong in this Hong Kong Diaries Series #HKDiaries. Hehe it was unusual but it was still worth it.

By the way, I'm travelling with my weekender bag from Zalora PH. To get one of this visit ZALORA PH and use this code [ZBAPQD45] for a discount. 

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