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Dragon Center Mall is one of the must visit Malls in Sham Shui Po Kowloon, Hong Kong. Pinay Travelista couldn't stop herself from getting excited when she knew we are visiting Dragon Center Mall. Her eyes goes teary eyed by the thought of Dragon Center. Her excitement gives me that giddy fee,ling too. I don't know what to expect at the mall but I'm looking forward for that visit, I prepared physically, emotionally and of course financially. haha 

So the day comes for the visit, the moment we are out from the Sham Shui Po station I thought I was walking in memory lane. A good number of surplus stalls selling second hand items were in a flock. We walked pass that street and lo and behold the Dragon Center. 

Upon entering the mall, I can't help but look up and be amazed with such huge mall. I noticed a somewhat like of a roller coaster ride decoration at the top. I was told that there was a functional roller coaster ride at the top floor and a skating rink too. The ride is no longer available for use today. Its track remained as a huge decoration at the top.

The 5th floor of this mall houses the foodcourt and Apple Mall. Apple Mall is somewhat like that of SOLO specialty store it's just that it's in the mall. It's more on products instead of offices in SOLO. The main goal of Apple Mall is helping local and start up businessmen own and operate their own stores and business inside the mall. We all know that mall rental spaces are quiet expensive for start ups. Apple Mall makes it possible by creating stalls or shops inside the mall that is about 4sqm in size where they can do business. 

Washi tapes, Journals and Planners! They have such cute pieces! There's this one store I found at Apple Mall, they are selling miniture pieces. Miniture furnitures, dinning tables, sala sets and more.This is just one of the products that I explored every corners of Apple Mall. And I have to admit, I splurged on items and bought quite a lot. I found unique and affordable items and bought a few to bring home to the Philippines. 

How to get there?

This is the convenient way from Causeway Bay Station (Blue line), ride MTR going to Sham Shui Po Station (Orange line). Dragon Center Mall is just walking distance from the Sham Shui Po Station Hong Kong. 


Apple Mall: http://dragoncentre.com.hk/apple_mall

Disclosure: This post was created in partnership with Eton Properties. All opinions expressed in the post are my own and not those of Eton Properties 

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