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Rich Manor Pension House is one of the affordable accommodations available in Cagayan de Oro City that is decently clean and accessible to public transportation. It is also near to almost all the shopping malls and government offices in Cagayan de Oro City. I have already checked into Rich Manor in Cagayan de Oro twice. The first time was last May and the second time was just this week. In different occasions, I was booked differently. The first time was a walk in customer and the second time was through Agoda. 

Traveling frequently to Cagayan de Oro since I live in Iligan City, cost a lot. Most especially if The events would finish late making it impossible for me to get home just in time before curfew hours. Okay, don't get me wrong, it's just that I live in hinterlands and public vehicles going to our place retire early than ever. Anyway, so that leaves me having to check in in one of the pension house in CDO.  

As a walk-in customer

I arrived at the hotel 11:00 PM, as usual, single standard rooms are already fully booked. That's the usual case in almost all hotels. So I got their matrimonial suite for 695.00 per night. Standard check-in time is 2:00 pm and the check-out time is 12:00 PM.

Features of the Matrimonial room: 

- Matrimonial bed
- Cable TV
- Hot and Cold shower and comfort room
- 2 sets of Towels and Toiletries
- Telephone
- Breakfast not included

Pros: Cheaper compared to other neighboring hotels. The room looks decent. Aircon is cold. You can order meals in their Cafe and have it delivered to your room anytime. 

Cons: Room is too small that the side table kisses the bed and space from the bed to the wall where the TV is mounted is just 1 foot away. The CR looks old already. The floor tiles in my room need repair coz it moves when stepped on.  Aircon needs to be turned on manually, and that means you have to climb on the bed. 

I booked online on the same day of check-in. I was looking for a cheap and decent accommodation in CDO because I have to tighten my belt on my expenses. I stayed twice in CDO this week because of real estate events (Yes, I'm a Realtor) and I have pending travels and expenditures on the list. If only I can already use my condo unit to save money, but its okay, it will be turned over pretty soon. Anyway, so I checked on trip advisor to look for the cheapest pension house for a night. I found Rich Manor Single Standard on the list for only 475.00 pesos. Without any doubt, I grabbed the deal and book it online. 

I arrived at Rich Manor same time, 11:00 PM showed the front desk staff my confirmed booking and checked in. 

Features of the Single Standard room:

- Single bed
- Cable TV
- Hot and Cold shower and comfort room
- 1 set of Towel and Toiletries
- Telephone
- Breakfast not included

Pros: The most decent cheap accommodation I ever had. I love the room, although it's small but too decent for its price. Hotel facilities for a low price. 

Cons: Room is excellent for one solely unless the other person will just sleep in the chair 😂😂😂. 

Just like the first time, I ordered breakfast meals in the morning and have it delivered to my room. The room attendants are friendly and accommodating.

Having able to experience booking using the two options. I would highly recommend booking it online because online deals are way cheaper compared to walk-ins. For their matrimonial suite accommodation, online it's priced at 520.00 pesos per day while if you check in by walking in directly to the hotel, it's at 695.00 with the same facilities. 

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