SG Diaries Day 3: Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island. I heard so much about you and the Universal Studios is one of them. In almost all visitors of Singapore, Universal Studios they say is a must visit. And the rides are the must ride. I'm not a big fun of amusement parks, and im not a big fan of amusement rides. But then again when everything seems new you'd love to try them out. Most specially if each ride is a surprise.

We got our tickets through their website. It's a promo ticket which is way cheaper than the ones sold at the airport or from some travel agencies. It comes with a freebies too.

Of course, never go home from Sentosa without a pose at the famous globe. Located just before the park grand entrance. It is surrounded with food shops and some ticketing stalls. If you got the ticket from their site just like ours, go to the Guest service center for it to be replaced with park tickets and the claim stub for your freebies. 

This is the grand entrance and a few meters away is their main gate where security personnel and park staff are to check your stuff and tickets. The universal souvenir stores will overwhelm you but don't stay long. Each amusement rides and destinations has souvenir shops that you can window shop or check the items as you go along. Save your energy for the rides. 
There are also baby and toddler strollers available for rent. If you have babies and toddlers with you, i would highly recommend renting them, but if its possible for you to bring your own, that is much better. Because renting is still expensive for a whole day stroll. 

Universal studio is a must see promise! Go there earlier as possible so you can enjoy almost all the ride. 

There are a lot of attractions around the island. Look for PAPA/Daddy Merlion. hehehe My sister call the biggest merlion Papa Merlion, while the Merlion in Marina Bay is Mama/Mommy Merlion and the merlion at the back of Mama Merlion is baby merlion. lol

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