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I haven't been able to write quiet a lot lately because I have been too busy with work and there are unplanned travels here and there because of a new assignment. Lately I ditched travelling as a backpacker. I had to rest my backpack and grab on luggage for business and leisure trip. 

And since yes, I stroll a lot in my free time because that's how I also de-stress myself, I found this proudly Filipino made product in one of the stalls in Centrio Ayala Mall. Snoe Products are actually unique essentials. Unique because for a non-kikay or trying to be kikay like me, I'm overwhelmed with the number of products I actually need to take care of my body and to achieve that professional and respectable look while on the go. 

I got this 3 items, that I really find so cool. I mean for someone who travels a lot and someone who keeps on buying toiletries for travels, I was really, I mean seriously blown away with this stuff. So let me describe each for you. 

 Body Ritual Recipes 5-in-1 Cleansing  Syrup Jelly Bean 250ml  

Get lusciously clean with this delicious, multi-tasking 5-in-1 Body Ritual Recipes Cleansing Syrup! Splurge and use this syrup in a variety of ways:
  • ·       as an antibacterial hand wash
  • ·       as a shower and bath gel infused with antioxidants and skin brighteners
  • ·       as a gentle shampoo for soft and bouncy hair
  • ·       as a beauty tool cleanser to keep makeup brushes intact and clean

So for your travels you'll just have to bring Body Ritual Recipe 5-in-1 Cleansing Syrup Jelly Bean and your good to go. I love bringing it in my bag for overnight stays or unplanned trips. I'll just have to think of one bottle and I'm done. 
I was afraid actually to try this one out. I have a  normally freezy hair, switching from different shampoo sometimes irritates my scalp and my hair would end up dry. I am honestly amazed how soft my hair is after using this as a body wash and shampoo during one of my travels. My friends got really intrigued about it and decided to try it as well. Promise it's silky smooth and smells really good too. 
 Stink Positive Instant Shower Spray
 Stink positive is actually one of their wonders. Haha if you feel stinky during the day and you need to freshen up, just spray a little bit of this in your skin/body and hair and you will definitely feel refreshed! It has this cooling effect that leaves your skin minty cool. I love it, it's my new favorite. Since the container is quiet big, I bought a smaller bottle and placed some in their so I can place it in my bag and bring it to anywhere I go. So every time I feel stinky, I'll just spray stink positive and I'll be relieved. Promise, this is a must have!

Potion No.2 Toilet Drops

It's as if you are mixing a potion or dropping a bomb, but yeah this is another must have. Have you been in that stinky and embarrassing situation where you drop your bomb, okay poop, in a public comfort room and you feel like you don't want to go out and let the next person use the cubicle because it really stinks? Hahaha we all know it's normal, I mean as a courtesy to the next user, you have to leave it clean and stinky free. This Potion No.2 does it. A drop of this will cover all the stinky-ness away. Hahaha I promise! And yes! I keep it in my purse so just in case I have to do it anytime, I won't have problems with the smell. Just make sure you have tissues with you as comfort rooms in the Philippines, usually runs out of tissue. haha

So there, that's the haul I got and everything is damn useful for frequent travelers and busy bee like me. They are my favorites and I have been using them quiet a lot now. You can check their Centrio Ayala branch in Cagayan de Oro City. You may check them out in instagram and Facebook. 

Contact details:
Location:  Snoe Produits Beaute Inc. 
MMG-Snoe Compound Magsaysay Rd. Brgy San Antonio, San Pedro Laguna, Philippines 
Email Address:
Contact Numbers: (+632) 556-SNOE (Inquiries) (+632) 879-4512 (Orders) 

Follow them in Instagram:


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