BUKIDNON: 10 Things you can do at Dahilayan Adventure Park when you're not Adventurous

Brgy. Dahilayan of Manolo Fortich Bukidnon is now known for it's longest zipline and loads of extreme adventures every adventurous and dare devil persons in the world would love to be in. It's a happy place for the dare devil version of me. But there are days or moments in this life that friends call you up and invite you to Dahilayan Adventure Park or a corporate trip like what I had a month ago, where you left that adventurous version of you somewhere and don't feel like throwing yourself in the air. And you feel like you don't want to go and you feel that you just want to lock up yourself in your hotel room. My advice? just give it a go. There are actually a lot of things you can do in Dahilayan that doesn't need a thrill or throwing out money in the air. 

A lot of people would usually let invitations pass because they thought they won't enjoy being in Dahilayan Adventure Park if you don't ride the adventure rides. If you are a adventurous or you have an adventurous travel mate with you (family/friend) , there are actually a lot of things you can enjoy their that you don't really have to spend much, you just have to simply pay for that entrance fee at the Forest Park and you're good. So I'm making this post for those who are not quiet adventurous but would also want to experience the beauty of Dahilayan Adventure Park in Manolo Fortich Bukidnon
During Off Peak Season Entrance Fee is only 50.00 for adult and 20 pesos for kids :)
The moment you reach the Forest Park entrance, do not be overwhelmed with the rates you see for the rides. Just simply pay for the entrance fee and decide whether you need a picnic table or not when you are already inside, for you to maximize your time. The Adventure Zone has a separate entrance, if your company would like to do zipline, dropzone, sky jump and the likes you can go to the Extreme Adventure Area for free (yup no entrance fee there). You can wait at the snack bar area or the waiting area and cheer for your friends while they're gearing up for their rides. You can be their cheerleader or photographer :)

Alright here it is;

1. Tour around the forest park. Walk around, there are a lot of exciting sites and views around. You can take lots of pictures or make memories. 

2. Experience the thrill of walking in a hanging bridge, without really getting in to it. Well, there's a foot bridge before the exact hanging bridge. Minus the thrill of swaying and moving bridge, it has the same height and feel of being on top. Hehehe Just simple take a photo for the sake of being there. lol

3. Play with the friendly dogs of Dahilayan Adventure Park. Yup, they're very friendly. Most of the time they're to lazy to stand up and play, but if you're a furry lover like me, just call their name and they'll respond. You can touch them and take pictures with them. The very friendly ones were sometimes roaming around the park, like the gentle giant Great Dane "Bogart".

 4. Play with kids at the Playground. The playground is not only for kids but also for the kid at heart. Play with caution though :)

5. Relax with the Koi. Looking at this friendly creatures swimming near you every time you are nearby. It's unbelievably relaxing.

6. Enjoy the company of your friends and family at the Picnic area. Under the tall pine trees and cool breeze. You will surely enjoy the life size animal figures in the area too. Those were made of fiber glass and a bit fragile. So please don't get too excited and ride on them, they can't stand your weight even how lite you are. So don't ride on them.

7. Order a coffee at the snack bar and just feel the cool breeze kissing your cheeks. Enjoy listening to those screaming zippliners approaching and just smile.

8. And if screaming adventurers irritates you, just go south and dine at the Pine Grove Restaurant. They serve good food and you can still enjoy the overlooking view, minus the cold weather outside.

9. If horse back riding doesn't scare you, there are a lot of cow boys waiting outside the Adventure Zone. You can approach them and go horseback riding for a minimal fee.

10. Or you can simply sit where you can see your friends and family doing some activities. Take pictures of them and enjoy making memories.

So next time someone invites you to Dahilayan Adventure Park, take that invitation and go. It doesn't really matter if you'll take the adventure rides what matters most is your presence and the time spent you had with them and make memories. Remember to make your presence felt and just enjoy the moment. Let kids be kids, allow them to get dirty and play. and most of all don't be kill joy. Don't make them regret inviting you at all. hehehe

I hope you enjoyed this article today and you'd share it to your non-adventurous friends.


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