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BUKIDNON: 10 Things you can do at Dahilayan Adventure Park when you're not Adventurous

Brgy. Dahilayan of Manolo Fortich Bukidnon is now known for it's longest zipline and loads of extreme adventures every adventurous and dare devil persons in the world would love to be in. It's a happy place for the dare devil version of me. But there are days or moments in this life that friends call you up and invite you to Dahilayan Adventure Park or a corporate trip like what I had a month ago, where you left that adventurous version of you somewhere and don't feel like throwing yourself in the air. And you feel like you don't want to go and you feel that you just want to lock up yourself in your hotel room. My advice? just give it a go. There are actually a lot of things you can do in Dahilayan that doesn't need a thrill or throwing out money in the air. 

Gingoog City | Tiklas Falls

Tiklas falls is located at Brgy. Lawit Of Gingoog City. It is 7 km away from the National Highway and can be reached by riding skylab (modified single motorcycle) or multicab for hire from the Poblacion of Gingoog City. If you have your own car you can just drive your way towards Tiklas falls. The road is well cemented thus transportation is not really a problem. It was father's day when we decided to celebrate it away from home. We visited Tiklas Falls for the first time with the whole clan, and by saying that our grandpa and other relatives were with us. 
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