SGDiaries | Day 2 - Marina Bay

Our Day 2 Itinerary in Singapore
  • CFC Mission Center Singapore
  • Marina Bay Sands
  • The Famous Merlion
  • Makansutra Gluttons Place
Day 2 we spent half of the day sleeping. Was amazed when my body clock woke me up at 6:00 AM and it was still so dark, of course I went back to sleep. Woke up at 9:00 AM and the skies were gloomy, It was a rainy morning, such a bed weather. Stayed in bed for another hour until ate Lorna called us up for brunch. Weee thank you ate.

Just a glipse of the mission center. We went to the CFC Center quiet late because of the weather. We pick up our EZ links and conference kits. Here it is;

We went out for Marina bay around 4:00 PM. Took MRT Red lane for Marina Bay. Passed by the Mall And walk around towards Makansutra and the Merlions. 

Marina Bay Sands Hotel is famous with it's amazing man-made adventure resort with an amazing infinity pool and an awesome birds eye view of Singapore viewed from the rooftop. We got the opportunity to walk around the mall. Almost all the expensive brands are there. haha I can't even afford to buy one. I scheduled a meet-up with some high school friends who's already living in Singapore. 
Taken near the LV Shop. The tall buildings just look awesome.

Walking around the Marina Bay you'll find a lot of interesting things that Singaporeans do. They are very physically active. You'd usually see people walking and running around doing their routine exercises while tourists would simply just roam around.  If you wanted to shop you can visit the Marina Mall. After a long walk at the Marina Mall walk towards the ART SCIENCE MUSEUM. I didn't really had the opportunity to go in because we're meeting some friends at Makansutra and it's getting late for dinner. hehe

We walked pass the HELIX FOOTBRIDGE and pause for a better view of the facade. I can't stop from getting amazed with the structure and how well they have planned and managed such man-made scenic view. At the end of the Helix footbridge walk few more steps and you'll reach the gluttonic place of MAKANSUTRA. You will also notice the SINGAPORE FLYER on the side.

MAKANSUTRA is also known as GLUTTONS PLACE because of a number of hawkers (carenderia na medyo sosyal) that serves authentic Singaporean and Persian dishes. It's an open air food district where tourists and local would never fail to visit. I love the dishes, I seriously do. Much more when you are dining with friends and love ones with such scenic view on the side. 

So after a sumptuous diner at Makansutra we passed by Esplanade - Theaters on the Bay. If only I have much time I'd love also to try whatever the Esplanade could offer for entertainment. Hehehe of course a quick shot at the stage with a great view of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel.
with the Mother Merlion
A few steps more you'll see the famous Merloin. My sister calls it Mother Merlion because the Big Merlion is in  Sentosa Island which she calls Papa Merlion and the smaller one is the Baby Merlion hehehe.
Yup that's the baby Merlion at the back of  Mother merlion hehehehe.
So that's how we concluded the day on our second day. It was a bit tiring yet fun. When we arrived home we help Kuya Caesar with the decorations for the PRE-ICON Culminations :)

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