Missionary sisters in Singapore: Diary of a first timer in SG

Dubbed as the most expensive Country in Asia, CFC-Singles for Christ hold the first ever International Conference outside the Philippines and we choose Singapore. Me and my sister who is a full time missionary worker of CFC-Kids for Christ arrived days earlier than the rest of the SFCs. There were a number of Full-time missionaries in our flight and the fear of being held at the immigration is there. 

We have been briefed about how strict the immigration people is and a few members who were days ahead of us where indeed held for questioning and got stuck at the airport for more than an hour. In all levels of the trip and in all counters we were always in deep prayer for a smooth sailing check-in. God was so amazing that me and my sister came out from the counters smoothly and with no problem.

We were asked what we're the questions asked from us by other missionaries. God was so good that not even one was asked from the Philippines and the only question at the immigration counter in Singapore was, "Is it your first time in Singapore?" which I giggly said "YES" as if I was asked for marriage. lol the immigration officer replied with a SMILE and welcomed me to Singapore. 
That's my sister Eunice. She's the Full Time Missionary. It's her second time and my first :)
It was quiet different for people who are coming simply as a tourist. We are there for a conference and for a mission. The fear of being questioned many times is there. The fear of being held up and denied entry was there too. But Praise God everything went okay.
The touchdown smile :)
Me and my sister met with our host at the airport. They are Filipino young couples who are also leaders of Couples For Christ Singapore. They hosted us for a week of stay in Singapore, which greatly helped us save a lot for this trip. 

So basically in this series of post I'll share to you our itinerary and touristy side trips and expenses in SGD.

Arrival (Feb 23, 2016 5PM)
We waited for almost an hour to be accommodated by the immigration officer. There's a lot passengers at that time. But we only had 2-3 minutes when it was our turn. 

6:00 PM - Ate Lorna pick us up from the airport to their lovely home. We were'nt really expecting a lot but God surprised us big time with our very generous host. The cab from the Changi Airport to Upper Serangoon View is at $20 SGD due to traffic. Yup i didn't expected traffic though but there was a car accident so that's what caused the traffic.
Right hand drive. Looks pretty cool to me. (ignorante mode on)
We arrived at Upper Serangoon View at around 7:00PM and yup the sun is still up hehehe. (ignorante mode)
The view from our window! Welcome to Upper Serangoon View. 
8:00PM - Ate Lorna and Kuya Ceasar treat us for dinner in one of the hawkers place in Upper Serangoon View. I rode their bus for the first time, paid in coins and amazed to get a ticket haahahaha. We paid in coins since our EZ-Links are not yet with us. We have a customized EZ-links included in our conference kits. 
Bus ticket $1.40SGD
Tried the highly recommended Singaporean dishes. Thanks to our ever supportive host for allowing me to take pictures before eating them hehehehehe.

Braised Pork Belly and Hainanese Chicken Rice 
The food review for this dishes will be reviewed at HungryIliganon.com. :)

After dinner we visited the Welcome Dinner for the delegates of SFC PRE-ICON 2016. This is the third pre-icon that I haven't attended. The others were due to schedules, but this 2016 is because of budget! lol. ahahah But I still had the opportunity to meet them with our host. They're members of the working committee for the pre-icon.

So basically that's how our day started in Singapore! See you on my next post. :)

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