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SG Diaries Day 4.1: The Singapore EXPO, IKEA and Giant

Singapore EXPO is known for its huge EXPO halls and conference halls. This is the venue of our CFC-SFC International Conference 2016. This is the very first time of SFC to hold an International Conference outside the Philippines.

SG DIaries Day 4: Chinatown invasion

Day 4 in SG Day 1 for the conference. The Singles for Christ International conference will start later in the afternoon. Today, I'll be meeting the delegates from Zamboanga, Dipolog city, and Iligan city. I have their conference kits here with me.

SG Diaries Day 3: Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island. I heard so much about you and the Universal Studios is one of them. In almost all visitors of Singapore, Universal Studios they say is a must visit. And the rides are the must ride. I'm not a big fun of amusement parks, and im not a big fan of amusement rides. But then again when everything seems new you'd love to try them out. Most specially if each ride is a surprise.

SGDiaries | Day 2 - Marina Bay

Our Day 2 Itinerary in Singapore CFC Mission Center SingaporeMarina Bay SandsThe Famous MerlionMakansutra Gluttons Place Day 2 we spent half of the day sleeping. Was amazed when my body clock woke me up at 6:00 AM and it was still so dark, of course I went back to sleep. Woke up at 9:00 AM and the skies were gloomy, It was a rainy morning, such a bed weather. Stayed in bed for another hour until ate Lorna called us up for brunch. Weee thank you ate.

Missionary sisters in Singapore: Diary of a first timer in SG

Dubbed as the most expensive Country in Asia, CFC-Singles for Christ hold the first ever International Conference outside the Philippines and we choose Singapore. Me and my sister who is a full time missionary worker of CFC-Kids for Christ arrived days earlier than the rest of the SFCs. There were a number of Full-time missionaries in our flight and the fear of being held at the immigration is there. 
We have been briefed about how strict the immigration people is and a few members who were days ahead of us where indeed held for questioning and got stuck at the airport for more than an hour. In all levels of the trip and in all counters we were always in deep prayer for a smooth sailing check-in. God was so amazing that me and my sister came out from the counters smoothly and with no problem.
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