CAMIGUIN | Mantigue Island

Mantigue island is 15-20 minute boat ride from mainland Camiguin. If you wanted to visit Mantigue Island you can hire a multicab from Benoni Port or have it arranged prior to your visit. Tour agencies includes Mantigue in their guided tours. If you're doing a DIY (do-it-yourself) trip you can rent out a multicab for 1500 to 1600 pesos to visit all the tourist destinations in Camiguin Island.

The banca's or boat is regulated by the government. Each boat trip cost 450 pesos good for a maximum of 6 passengers. For a safer trip 4 pax is ideal. Plus additional 25 pesos for environmental fees. 
When you arrive in the Island you will be greeted with this huge island name great for photo opps. It will surely be hot but you can take the sheds inside the Mantigue Island Nature Park. You can have your meals prepared there for a fee. But if you have packed meals with you it will do. While waiting for your meals to be ready, you can explore the island by taking a nature walk and walk through the forest of Mantigue. 

Or you can hit the beach and snorkel at the marine protected fish sanctuary.

Or just swim at the irresistable water of the beach. Get that tan lines you've been wanting.

Special thanks to our brother Adam of SFC Camiguin for touring us around.

When we came back we are happy to consume our brunch by the sea and after few minutes we went back to the mainland to continue the tour. 
Grilled Pork Belly + Paksiw na Isda + Scallops = 2 cups of rice each #HindikamiGUTOM 
Saying goodbye is indeed the hardest, but we didn't really bid goodbye. We promised to visit again soon. "til we meet again Mantigue Island.

Feel free to add some other things we can do in Mantigue Island in the comment section. 

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