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CAMIGUIN | Sto. Nino Cold Spring

Sto. Nino Cold Spring. 
Camiguin island is not really something new to me. My mom was born in Sagay, Camiguin Island. My mom's ancestors and relatives are living in Sagay. Having said that Sto. Nino cold spring is not really that foreign to me. We have been here quiet a few times already. And since in Sagay we live near the river, we know how cold the waters is. 
Recently, I visited the Sto. Nino cold spring in Catarman with the CFC-Singles For Christ North Eastern Mindanao Full time workers. So this is how it is today. 
 It now has a decent bathroom and comfort rooms for the guests,  open cottages , landscaped surroundings and a number of stalls outside selling pasalubong pieces and people offering meals to the tourists or visitors. 

CAMIGUIN | Mantigue Island

Mantigue island is 15-20 minute boat ride from mainland Camiguin. If you wanted to visit Mantigue Island you can hire a multicab from Benoni Port or have it arranged prior to your visit. Tour agencies includes Mantigue in their guided tours. If you're doing a DIY (do-it-yourself) trip you can rent out a multicab for 1500 to 1600 pesos to visit all the tourist destinations in Camiguin Island.

CAMIGUIN | How to get there?

I'm currently in Camiguin Island right now for the CFC-Singles for Christ Regional Conference for North Eastern Mindanao on Friday to Sunday October 9-11, 2015.

I'm sharing how to get here options and transportation expenses from Cagayan de Oro City to Camiguin Island.

4 Things You Need To Know Before Travelling With Family

When I'm going to a place, I always make sure to have an itinerary, have a list of what I can do during my stay, accommodation options, places to visit and where to eat. However, sometimes when I'm travelling in a group, I try to let others lead and just follow whatever the group agreed upon. However, there are times or most of the time, we don't really agree with each other.

Lately, I travel often with my family. It's either I'm with a member of the family or with the whole clan. And because of that, I would let the elders decide for the group. Now my parents are not really biggy with planning things ahead. And we all end up with frustrations, confusions and misunderstandings. Our temper goes out of hand, which ruins the family vacation experience. Trust me, it happens million times.

Cagayan de Oro City | The Travelers Pod - Accommodation

Cagayan de Oro City is just an hour and 45 minutes bus ride away from where I am, Iligan City. My office is also is Cagayan de Oro. I commute at least twice a week to CDOC, and when it comes to accommodations, my family and I already have favorites. Budget, class, cleanliness and accessibility is at play. Even if there are a lot of new accommodations in the area, we settle with what we are used to. I always wanted to try new accommodations, but I just couldn’t get that opportunity somewhere. Good thing Lai of buzzed me in a staycation in her new found accommodation, The Travelers Pod. I never knew that such affordable and impressive accommodation exists in the Gateway building at Limketkai Business Park. I haven’t seen ads circulating in the social media and not even flyers or tarpaulins somewhere.
SINGLE POD – Looks like a bed in a spa. With curtain partitions only

The common CR and bathroom for SINGLE POD and DELUXE POD with no private CR. The traveler's pod fus…
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