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Palawan | Tourist Destinations - Itinerary

SFC PRE-ICON ACTIVITY The itinerary in this post is the itinerary used and prepared by SFC Palawan and mission core for the PRE-ICON (Voluntourism activity) participants of SFC PRE-ICON. Some of the activities may not be doable for some but may be arranged through the local government of Puerto Princesa City, Palawan.
SFC Pre-ICON is a volunteering and tourism event with an intimate activities for reflection and evangelization. 
The Tour Itinerary:Day 1: We started the day with an early morning worship at Sabang. Mangrove Planting at Sabang Puerto Princesa City Palawan
An early morning briefing was conducted for us to plant the Mangrove seedlings correctly. We then went off to plant the seedlings. 
Immersion with the Tagbanua Tribe

We are suppose to climb up and visit the tribe in the mountains. But the Tagbanuas themselves thought that it would be difficult for us and the Philippine Army to monitor everyone to safety if the whole group climbs up the mountain. They offered to go down i…

Palawan | Bakers Hill {2nd time around}

Baker's Hill is a famous hang out place in Palawan, known for their freshly baked goodies like hopia, munchies and crinkles. It is located on top of a hill overlooking the city. Built like a theme park, the place is surrounded by life-sized statues and figures. At the entrance stood the castle-like mansion with its elaborate garden and colorful designs. [Source: Local Philippines]

There is also a recreational area for children, caged exotic animals and a greenhouse housing different types of flowers and plants. There are a also a variety of food stands and a restaurant inside Baker's Hill, along with souvenir shops offering different items for all ages.
Baker's Hill Favorites:

Hopia: The first time I was here, people told me to buy their hopia, it is a must try. And so I did. Indeed it's something you will look forward at Baker's Hill. It's quite addicting, like seriously. 

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