Iligan City | Waterfalling Adventure Tour 3.0

I missed the Waterfalling Adventure Tour 2.0 last year. I was in Cebu City, working my butt. Seeing their pictures streaming online, seriously frustrates me. "I can't be an office worker forever", I uttered. Hehehe

This time with Waterfalling Adventure Tour 3.0, from planning to execution, I wanted to be there. But since because of a prior committment with family reunions, I couldn't be in all the legs of the tour. My sister Nique, wanted to join Limunsudan leg which is scheduled on day 2 of the tour, our schedules however, will not permit it. So we decided to join the day 3 itinerary instead.

The waterfalling adventure tour this year was scheduled May, instead of the usually September trip. Why? because September is a hectic month for Iligan. The whole month celebration of the City Fiesta, makes it a bit difficult for us to get sponsorship committments, the city is so crowded and in between coverage of the city events, makes the schedule jampacked.

We, the Iligan Bloggers Society Inc. members are ambitious. And trekking the 2nd tallest waterfalls in the country is an ambitious climb. But we are very passionate to conquer it. So we did. Last March 2014, the core group of IBS went to Limunsudan for an occular inspection. We test the road whether it would be possible for bloggers to be there. And whether it would be safe for the travelers and bloggers to be there on their own. When we reach the place, the tribe and it's tribe leaders were actually very accommodating. They love being visited, they welcome people to explore and learn more about their culture. It was pretty nice learning history with them.So when the bloggers went their last May 18, 2014 we brought school supplies for the kids at SIKAP and some gifts for the tribe. They prepared a special presentation for the group and blessed us by asking the Gods of Nature to allow us to explore Limunsudan. Everyone came home safe, despite the very rough road and sudden downpour of rain. Special thanks to the 4th Mechanize Infantry brigade of the Philippine Military for allowing us to use their vehicle.

Taken during our first visit last March 2014 for ocular inspection.
On the 3rd day, we visited the tourism triangle of Iligan City. I was very happy to see my sister experience waterfalling. She was happy she visited 3 waterfalls in one day. My next mission, is tag her along every waterfalls exploration we will do in the future. Hehehe and she's up for it!

Thank you to our guest bloggers for joining. I really hope you had fun :) #clingy


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