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Iligan City | Waterfalling Adventure Tour 3.0

I missed the Waterfalling Adventure Tour 2.0 last year. I was in Cebu City, working my butt. Seeing their pictures streaming online, seriously frustrates me. "I can't be an office worker forever", I uttered. Hehehe

This time with Waterfalling Adventure Tour 3.0, from planning to execution, I wanted to be there. But since because of a prior committment with family reunions, I couldn't be in all the legs of the tour. My sister Nique, wanted to join Limunsudan leg which is scheduled on day 2 of the tour, our schedules however, will not permit it. So we decided to join the day 3 itinerary instead.
The waterfalling adventure tour this year was scheduled May, instead of the usually September trip. Why? because September is a hectic month for Iligan. The whole month celebration of the City Fiesta, makes it a bit difficult for us to get sponsorship committments, the city is so crowded and in between coverage of the city events, makes the schedule jampacked.
We, the Iligan B…

[EVENTS] Iligan City Holds Coastal Clean-Up Day

Coastal Clean-up day is a simultaneous event held in 3 identified cities in the Philippines. In Luzon the coastal clean-up day was held in ParaƱaque City. In Visayas the event was held in Dumaguete City, and the Mindanao leg of the event was held in Iligan City last June 9, 2014. 

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