City of Majestic Waterfalls | Tour guiding the missionaries

My sister is a full time missionary worker, but she's cool. I used to have a different view of missionaries before. I see them all covered, dressed like "manang" or so, no fashion sense and extremely boring. But the CFC family and the whole missionary team proved me wrong. Because she's cool and she has extremely cool missionary friends too.

KFC and YFC Fulltime missionaries

After the 21st SFC International Conference, her batchmates and some other FTW decided to visit and experience Iligan City. I, as a blogger and Iligan waterfalling advocate, I volunteered to tour them around Iligan City.
The FTW and the KFC Couple coordinators
Since we are at the City of the Majestic Waterfalls, everyone is excited to get wet and swim in Timoga spring pools and Tinago Falls. Due to time constraints, their schedule is pretty hectic.

When we arrived in Iligan from Cagayan de Oro City at around 7:00 in the evening, we were picked up by Tito Dodo (CFC-KFC Coordinator here in Iligan City) and Dad. My sister said that the KFC coordinators are already expecting their arrival and prepared a little something for the group at Timoga. We went to the house to leave their stuff and then we went straight to Timoga for meet and greet. We also had a celebration of Lloyd's birthday (KFC FTW Manila). We arrived in El Lauriente Pool (formerly Holiday Pool)around 8:00 PM ate dinner and swim until 10PM, because the pool closes at 10:00 in the evening. 

* El Lauriente Pool (formerly Holiday Pool) & Mimars Spring Pool opens until 10:00 PM, the rest are open 'til 6:00 PM only. Entrance Fee: 100 (as of April 2014)

Before we started our tour the next day. We visited the St. Michael's Cathedral first. It's one of the many Catholic Churches in the city that you can visit and attend eucharistic celebration when you are in Iligan City. We prayed for a safe and fun travel as we visit His majestic creations.

Our next stop is at the Maria Cristina Falls. Just like everyone else, it's their first time to see such beauty. Majority of the team are not from Mindanao, and even if they were or they have been passing by Iligan City, they haven't had a chance to drop by and visit the waterfalls in Iligan City.

Our last stop is in Tinago Falls. Tinago falls has been featured in the National television a lot. It gained much popularity when one of the leading stars of the country visited and shoot a movie in Tinago falls. Visiting the falls without swimming in its lagoon is unacceptable, thus we made sure we will have lots of time to enjoy swimming here at Tinago falls. 

Make sure to ride the bamboo raft when you get there to have a close encounter of the falls, and get an instant hydro massage.

Entrance fee to Maria Cristina Falls - Php 35.00 (adult); Php 25.00 (kids)
    (1) if you have a car, you can bring it in for free
    (2) if you don't have, you can ride their shuttle for only 10.00 per person
Expenses at Tinago Falls:
    (1) Life Jacket - 25.00 per person
    (2) Table - 50.00
    (3) Entrance Fee/Donation - 10.00 per person will do
    (4) Guides - 150.00 (optional)
    (5) Labor - 50.00 (optional; to carry your heavy stuff)
    (6) Parking Fee - 40.00
Entrance Fee at Timoga - Php 100.00 per person (as of April 2014)
    (1) Table/cottage fee - Php 200.00 to 800.00
How to get there?
   Maria Cristina Falls  - Click here.
   Tinago Falls - Click here.
   Timoga Spring Pools - Click here.


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