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Chateau Royale is located at Nasugbu Batangas. About 2 hours away from Manila, it may take you 3 hours or more if there's a heavy traffic. It's located just along the National High way. You can inform the bus drivers to drop you off at Chateau Royale.

How we got interested with Chateau Royale?

They have this massive campaign in social media and in many group buying sites in the country. They offer great discounts when you buy vouchers for a minimum of 4 persons. However, we got the regular rate when we went there, because we weren't able to purchase the vouchers ahead of time.

The facade of the resort is pretty. The receiving lobby is very welcoming and grand. But it was very noticeable that there are only few guests in the resort at that time. Probably because it's a Monday. Thus if your planning to go there, I guess it's better when there's few guests because you can have all the pool all by yourself hehe.

They have friendly and accommodating staff, which is really good. They just need to work on calibrating staff when they shift schedules to avoid confusion and possible problems with their guests. Most specially when it is about bills.



As expected the pools are chlorinated and it's open from 6am until 6pm only. After that you won't be allowed to swim because they will be treating the pool with chlorine. You can however enjoy the big jacuzzi pool at the spa area.

When we went there me and my sister planned doing night swimming, but unfortunately the pool closed just before we arrived. hehehe We enjoyed the jacuzzi pools though but not that much because we were then called for dinner.


They have generous serving of dishes. We were surprised with this huge shabu shabu bulalo in the house. Their fish fingers has big servings too.  The attending waiter is friendly and polite. The serving time is a so so. The meals where moderately priced. But one of the down side is that they close too early. Their last call is at 7:30 pm, but since there were a few guest who came after us, they extended a bit. But I mean, they should at least be operating until midnight or so because their guests can't go somewhere for food because there are no food chains nearby. But I guess they adjust if guests would request it. I guess that's one advantage of not having telephones inside the rooms, guest can't request for food deliveries and some sort of requests.

 Pan de Chateau is their very own bake shop. It's open during daytime only. They do have bread, cakes and other pastries here. Haven't tried any when I was here. So I guess I should try their bread next time.

Souvenir Shop

Their items are not pricey. It's budget friendly. Other than the Giant play cards which I bought, they need to add more stuff that is unique to this store for them to gain more sales and more customers. Some sort of a must buy souvenir when visiting Chateau Royale.


The resort is still underconstruction. Their biggest pool is not yet realized. The plans in their map is not yet there. The only pool you can use for now is the Jaccuzzi pool at the spa and the pool right in front the restaurant.


This is our log cabin, It's just one of the many log cabins in the resort. This one is nearest to their lobby. It's good for 4 and since there were 5 of us, we just requested for one extra bed, and that's for a fee of course.

This cabin has 2 single beds and one double deck bed. Some log cabins has 2 double beds and is very spacious with some cabinets and dining area. The room we got is actually the smallest.

It has one comfort room with hot and cold shower, a sofa and a coffee table. 

The activity areas listed from their website is not yet there. Although the accommodation sites are already complete, you can't really enjoy the whole place right now if you are after the adventure rides and activities. But if it is just for staycation, I can recommend it. Their cabins are so big and spacious. I can actually just stay in our cabin all day long.

They need to install telephone lines however, because it's too difficult when you need something or ask something not in your room. Like the garbage bin for example, that is missing in our cabin. You have to walk to the lobby or to their staff cabin, to ask for something you need.

On the other hand, I love their soap and shampoo. :)

Will post how to get there in my next post.


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