Limunsudan Falls: I never thought we will ever meet

Limunsudan Falls, is the second tallest waterfalls in the Philippines, found in Rogongon, Iligan City. Because of the horror stories I've heard about how-to-get-there, it's one of the waterfalls in Iligan City, I can live with not going. It's in my bucket list of to-do's but I can certainly go on with my life not really reaching this falls. But few days ago, I was there. 

with matching pawis (sweat) pa yan ha? Grabe naman kayo kung sabihin pang fake yan. Will post more of this soon. 
I'm still in a cloud, I never thought I can see this falls personally ever in my entire life. I thought, maybe my grandchildren or children can enjoy it better than me. The horror stories of the road and the means of transportations available just to get there, makes me decide, I'll be fine not to be able to conquer and chase the waterfalls. With the current weight I have put on right now, I thought I wouldn't be able to manage even up to the viewing point. But hey, I'm here and it's a great view. The majestic creation of God! That's how lovely our city is, this is just one of the reported 39 waterfalls in Iligan City and 23 visited falls ever.  

ayan with kuya tour guide/driver
So here's a bit of a teaser photo and I'll talk more about this and share the how-to-get-there soon. Keep posted :) Have a great week ahead. 


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