Kape Series | Kopi Luwak at Jasmine's

Kopi Luwak used to be Kape Melo. I don't really know what's behind the change of name. But one of distinct member of their menu is Civet Coffee. So far they are the only coffee shop in Iligan City that serves, Civet Coffee. 

Civet Coffee used to be the most expensive coffee in the world, before the Elephant coffee came into picture. It's a very delicious coffee specially processed inside a Civet's system and comes out as a poop, dried and cleaned and made safe for drinking.  

Why it's expensive? Because the chemical process that it undergoes while inside the Civet is unexplainable and cannot be copied scientifically with the machines, thus it's special. How much more with the Elephants poop huh? hehe

Kopi Luwak, has been our favorite coffee shop since we knew about it. It's quiet and homey, very condusive for relaxation and work for remote workers like me. The internet connection is fast and reliable, unless brownout of course. The staff are very friendly and attentive. 
During our last visit, I was with my college friends, where we really had a good time catching up after our lunch at Jacko's Kan-anan.


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