Iligan City | Limunsudan Falls

Limunsudan Falls the second highest waterfalls in the country. Located at Sitio Limunsudan Barangay Rogongon, Iligan City was said to be the most ambitious destination for a waterfalls chaser. I heard a lot of stories about Limunsudan Falls and the horror of having to trek 3 days of getting there makes most of the people back out or scratch it out from their list. Good thing we were able to find the easiest way of getting there via Talakag Bukidnon. 

The undergoing construction of the Iligan - Bukidnon road is a promising project, making this beautiful waterfalls hopefully be accessible to other adventurers. But since it's still not available at this time, we took the via Talakag Bukidnon Route. 

I'll be sharing with your our itinerary during the trip:
5:00 AM - We were scheduled to depart from Iligan on board in a 4x4 Pickup truck of DPWH. We are expecting that the road would be rocky and bumpy and a lot of uphill routes.

8:00 AM - We stopped for breakfast in a cafeteria somewhere in Makahambus drive. I seriously did not take note haha sorry about that. It took a while because we have to pick up some students who were going with us that day. And there are some car fixes we did somewhere in Naawan that we had to stop.

10:00 AM - We reached the Y road, the other leading to Iligan City and the other is leading to Cotabato.

11:00 AM - We reached the Lumad tribe. We rode motorcycles also known as habal-habal going up the mountain. It was a bit scary though. I apologize for such description. I couldn't find other words to describe it. The habal-habal driver was giving us instructions what position to make when passing an inclination and to just trust him to take care of the trip for our safety. In short, we have to trust him with our lives.

We passed by MILF (Moro Islamic Liberation Front) camp, they stopped us to check on where we are going. Good thing the Lumad Datu/Leaders were at a meeting and assisted our arrival. We were invited for a ritual asking permissions from the God's to grant as the chance to go and view the majestic Limunsudan Falls.

After the ceremony, we went to the jump off point with an entourage; the Lumad leaders, the habal-habal drivers, and the 4th mechanized infantry brigade.

From the drop off point, it was a 15-20minutes trek (level: medium) to the viewing point of Limunsudan Falls. The moment we arrived, another ritual was performed by the Lumad Leaders for our protection. We took pictures and was instructed not to stay longer because the spiritual people living there don't like visitors. We obliged and respected their culture.

For a visit; if you wanted to see the Limunsudan Falls, make sure you coordinate with the Iligan City Tourism Office, the social worker working with the Lumads, the Lumad leaders and the Philippine Army assigned in the area for your protection and safety.


Limunsudan Falls is a two-tiered waterfall located in Sitio Limunsudan Brgy. Rogongon, Iligan City, in the province of Lanao del Norte, Philippines, 55 kilometers away from the City proper. Wikipedia
Height: 265 m
Location: Sitio Limunsudan, Brgy. Rogongon, Iligan City, Philippines

Update: The Rogongon entrance to Sitio Limunsudan is still not available up to this day (April 2017), the primary access for Sitio Limunsudan is from Talakag, Bukidnon.

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