Puerto Princesa Palawan | Palawan Crocodile Farm

Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center locally known as the Palawan Crocodile Farm is located at Puerto Princesa South road, Puerto Princesa City Palawan. At the crocodile farm, you will be given orientation about the place, what to expect and what are the things that you must not do while inside their premises with their own tour guide. Since we went there as a big group, the tour guide had a difficulty with the orientation and briefing because it was too crowded for their small receiving area.

At the receiving area, you will see the skin and skeleton display of their largest crocodile in captive here in Palawan. I know you’re about to say it’s Lolong, but Lolong is captivated in Agusan Marsh and not in Palawan, that’s why I said largest crocodile in captive in Palawan. (hahaha best in explanation eh)
Other wildlife animals are also being take cared of by the organization. I even had a photo with a wild cat, which I still need to ask for the photo from Brian Aninon. He rarely upload his photos. wew
So that's me and the hungry crocodiles. 

 And since it has been a tourist destination, the are pasalubong shops near the exit of the facility. 

Location Map here: 

***This whole trip is paid for by Philippine Real Estate Management Solutions, Inc. and Leuterio Realty & Brokerage.***


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