Davao City | Jack’s Ridge

I heared about Jack’s Ridge a lot during the trip. It’s one place people in the group keep mentioning. Well, I couldn’t see or haven’t read about it from my blogger friends. What’s in it that these people keep mentioning.

So after our trip to d’ Japanese Tunnel, we went to Jack’s Ridge for lunch. I wonder how the place became a tourist destination and why they keep mentioning it.

Other than the food they promised to be serving best, I see the beauty of Davao City by just looking at from the viewing deck at Jack’s Ridge.

Ah! So this is it! It’s the view.

From here, you can see a 180 degrees view of Davao City. The cool breeze that brushes your hair and the cool air that kisses your cheeks, plus the company of your family and/or friends, indeed, is priceless.

They do offer some activities here for fun, but we came here for lunch. And since we are suuuuuuuuuuuuuper or should I say I am suuuuuuuuuuuuper hungry I only have a few photos of the food we managed to order.

The price is a bit expensive for me and since I’m not paying for it so it’s okay (hehehehe),and the food are okay but not memorable.

Location Map Here:

***This trip was paid for by The Philippine Real Estate Management Solutions, Inc.***


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