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Davao City | Jack’s Ridge

I heared about Jack’s Ridge a lot during the trip. It’s one place people in the group keep mentioning. Well, I couldn’t see or haven’t read about it from my blogger friends. What’s in it that these people keep mentioning.

Puerto Princesa Palawan| NCCC Mall

My first encounter at NCCC Mall was in Gensan. I thought it’s only found in Gensan that’s why when I heared about it in Palawan, I was hmmm amazed. Hehehe

It’s few days before the Halloween and they are in a craze of dressing up for fun. All of their staff are in costumes working. I was so amazed that I suddenly dropped a cup of juice and ended up paying for it out of clumsyness lols. NCCC Mall is the nearest mall from our accommodation. It has the basic needs of grocery and department store. There are stores with cheap and good finds surrounding it too.

I even had my manicure and pedicure done in one of the parlors in the area.
Location Map:

Distance from La Charica inn & Suites:

Davao City| Davao Crocodile Farm

The Davao crocodile farm was known for their Crocodile shows. The last time I was here, there was this man walking in a roping acting to be falling while a hungry crocodile is waiting to  devour him, at the bottom just in case he drops from his crazy stunts on the rope.

Palawan | Underground River Tour

Wake up call is at 5:00 am, and it’s just 4:00 am, and everyone’s is all up and ready for the trip. Instead of the arranged packed breakfast, everyone opted for eating it early at the restaurant.

Palawan | City Tour (LR Convetion)

This is a continuation of the Palawan Series. 2nd day in Palawan and we are scheduled for our City Tour. The City tour was headed by the Augusto Miggel Travel and Tours. They are the inbound tour company contacted by the LR staff to handle the tour for the delegates to the convention. In fairness to them, they are very accommodating and strategic. They have been in business for 9 years, and they are doing it daily. For more details, you may contact them here.

Puerto Princesa Palawan | Haim Chicken Inato

The last stop is dinner at Haim Chicken Inato. It’s actually a lodging house that has a restaurant and a party place. And since we are many, the location is just right for the group to have dinner.

Palawan | Baker’s Hill

Baker’s Hill. I heard a lot about this place. Before coming to Puerto Princesa City Palawan, my friends from already gave me pointers and set my expectations on what to do and what to expect in Palawan. And one of the “must not forget” is to visit Baker’s hill and buy a lot of hopia from there, and so I did.  People say they have the yummiest hopia ever. Out of curiosity, the day before the tour, I already bought the 5 piece pack of Baker’s Hill hopia at NCCC Mall. I wanted to try it first before buying in bulk hopia boxes which I might regret in the future. And because I consumed 5 pcs in one setting, it’s indeed yummy. It tastes so good that you can’t stop eating it. It’s best with a hot brewed coffee or mocha. It’s good with soft drinks too.

Puerto Princesa Palawan | Mitra’s Ranch

Mitra’s Ranch is a family owned ranch of the former Senator Ramon Mitra. It is now opened for public to enjoy. They also have developed some activity areas where the family can bond and enjoy with the extreme, fun and adventure activities.

Puerto Princesa Palawan | Palawan Crocodile Farm

Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center locally known as the Palawan Crocodile Farm is located at Puerto Princesa South road, Puerto Princesa City Palawan. At the crocodile farm, you will be given orientation about the place, what to expect and what are the things that you must not do while inside their premises with their own tour guide. Since we went there as a big group, the tour guide had a difficulty with the orientation and briefing because it was too crowded for their small receiving area.

Puerto Princesa Palawan | LRC 908 Market Mall

LRC 908 Market Mall , but the locals call it tyanggi/ chang-gi. It houses all the cheapest pasalubong items that you could get in Palawan. They got t-shirts in different colors, prints, brands and sizes. They got food items and memorabilias too.

Puerto Princesa Palawan | City Baywalk

Puerto Princesa City Baywalk. It used to be a squatters area but after a fire swallowed the houses of the people, they were no longer allowed to built houses in it. The city turned it to a tourist and local destination to unwind and relax and they developed it to a Baywalk.

Puerto Princesa Palawan | Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral

Immaculate Concepcion or Immaculada Concepcion Cathedral is located along Rizal Avenue of Puerto Princesa City Palawan. Before the city tour started at 1pm I chose to visit the church and attend the Sunday mass at Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral.

Puerto Princessa City | La Charica Inn & Suites - Accommodation

La Charica Inn & Suites is conveniently located in the heart of Puerto Princesa City’s business district. It’s near to almost anywhere when you talk about shopping and dining convenience. It’s near the airport as well. Their accommodation comes with a free breakfast meal, and they have an excellent customer service too.
This is their front desk, and the receiving hall is in bright orange. I’m in love with their center table. It’s like a collage of shells and sea creatures arranged artistically in a table.

We had the room good for 5 people. It’s a suite room good for 5. And as you can see the complimentary towel design is actually suitable for honeymooner’s hehe. The rooms lighting is not suited for working (if you are a home based worker like me), the lighting is dim or too dim for group traveling friends, but if you are indeed honeymooners, this type of lighting will surely get you in that mood.

The room is equipped with a 32 inch LCD Cable TV, a personal refrigerator, an aircon, a …

Palawan | Puerto Princesa City – Getting There

SETTING OF EXPECTATIONS: This is an official business trip. Not a backpacking trip. 

October 26, 2013 6:00 am. I’m ready to board that flight. I get in a taxi and went to the office thinking they’d be waiting for me. But to my surprise they went without me in it. Don’t worry I was able to catch up with them at the airport. We arrived at exactly the same time at the Mactan domestic departure area.
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