Travel Tips: Toiletries and Re-usable Containers

Everytime I travel, I see to it that I won't be using as much disposable plastics while on the road. Even at home, I discourage my siblings and family from using sachets and or tetra packs. Everytime I do the grocery, I see to it that will buy the big containers so as to lessen the number of plastics we dispose.

Sachets, though looks economical and practical while on the road,but the truth is, it isn't. I bet you can't consume that full sachet of the shampoo or conditioner and while trying to budget the use of it and keep it in your toiletries bag, it would end up as a waste and messes up the bag, instead of saving, you end up opening another piece of sachet the next day. So instead buying a dozen of shampoo sachet and or conditioner, buy  the big containers and refill small container bottles before hitting the road. It won't take much of your time, and if you'll be patient enough, transferring from a big container to a smaller one won't be a mess.

Same goes with lotions, shower gels, liquid soaps and or mouth wash. Buy the big bottles and transfer them to small bottles when you travel. Other that being cute, it won't mess up in your bag. You just really need to make sure that the lids are tightly closed.

For your soap, if bringing a "sabonera" or soap dish is taking a lot of space, use a resealable and reusable plastic for it. I actually have a resealable plastic that I have been using since 2012. It still usable so I still keep on reusing it. Instead of using a new one everytime I go out to travel, I use the same piece and just replace the soap in it if it's already too thin to use or if you prefer a different scent. Well for me, I use 1 specialized soap, since I have a delicate skin (chos!) hehehe yeah like seriously.


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