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Our team arrived Davao City at around 9:00 in the morning. We were waiting for our van pick-up from the airport, but there might be miscommunications from either the hotel or the person who made the reservation for us, that they missed to pick us up at the airport. We opted to rent a van on standby instead.

I have been to Davao City many times, my relatives live here, though we don't visit them that often, we have attended several events here in Davao. The host company hosted us in Linmarr Hotel and Apartelle. I was first given this apartelle all by myself. This is a 1 bedroom apartelle, complete with cable tv, hot and cold shower, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen and a sofa downstairs. Looking at it, you seemed to want to live here. When I surveyed the apartelle, I wanted to make my own humble abode like this. hehe

The apartelle comes with a parking space that fits 1 van. This single bedroom apartelle costs 2,800 per night. 
The L-shaped table is a dining table with 2 monoblock chairs

This is the sala or receiving area with an electric fan, next to it is an L shaped dining table with 2 monoblock chairs
This is the kitchen and dining area. It has a refrigerator with no contents on it, the Door on the right leads to a washing area and adjacent to the sink is a comfort room. You can request for an electric kettle if you need to. It also has glasses and cups inside the overhead cabinets.
This is the bedroom upstairs. It has 2 single beds. It also has a coffee table on the side and a big dresser and mirror in front.

The next thing I know I was requested to transfer in a 2 bedroom apartelle with the other bosses. I was given my own room with 2 single beds and a shared bathroom. The Apartelle also has a sala and a kitchen area, but it only has 1restroom, unlike the 1 bedroom Apartelle, which I find odd. I will share that in another post. 

The apartelle has a swimming pool at the center (sorry no picture), a function and conference hall. This is where we hold our real estate conference, and there was also a Muslim wedding the next day. 

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