Cebu City | Lantaw Restaurant

I heared about Lantaw Restaurant from my blogger friends in Cebu. And even if I have been here in Cebu for a long time, I haven't been here or dined here either, not because it's something that I can't afford? but because it's quiet far and I don't have a car to go uphill.

Many bloggers and friends have been talking about the place. It has a scenic view of Cebu City. And it's best to go there at night when all lights are up in Cebu City. When a highschool friend Kim visited Cebu, she said she wanted to take pictures in Lantaw, I immediately said yes to the invite, most specially that Emperatriz (a highschool friend too and my kumare) will be driving us there.  So yes, this is my first time.

The road going up is snake like and some people might get dizzy on the way up, not only that you have to deal with changing altitudes, quick turns to left and right and steep slopes. The view going up is very nice. But it was too foggy when we get there, and the lights where totally covered by the fogs.

It's almost 8:00 pm when we arrived Lantaw restaurant, the lower deck is completely covered with fog so we had to stay inside the open hall where most of the guests are. And since it's all foggy it's very cold. Good thing I brought my jacket with me. hehe

What's in the menu looks very appetizing, but probably because we got a bit dizzy going up, we can't think of something to have for late dinner hehehe. So we just had the famous crispy pata, baked scallops and chopsuey for some veggies.

And like what I said since it's my first time, I was surprised with their glasses. hehehe when the drinks where delivered, I was like "hmmmm lady's choice" hehehe. I don't know what this kind of pakulo is but it certainly looks cute, thinking that they are recycling jars. I believe they're making sure that this are hygienic and clean.
I was expecting for the food to be delivered placed in another recycled plate but no, it's placed in a ceramic plate though. hehehe

The food is a bit pricey but good. Pay for the view kumbaga. The staff where attentive and friendly but the place really looks chaotic at that time or maybe because it's almost closing time. 


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