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Cebu City | Lantaw Restaurant

I heared about Lantaw Restaurant from my blogger friends in Cebu. And even if I have been here in Cebu for a long time, I haven't been here or dined here either, not because it's something that I can't afford? but because it's quiet far and I don't have a car to go uphill.

Davao City| D’ Japanese Tunnel Family Resort and Restaurant

It’s Sunday and after we attended a Sunday mass we opted for a tour around Davao City for a break after a successful real estate seminar at Linmarr Hotel & Apartelles yesterday. We went to a monastery to deliver tithes and donations, drove somewhere for another one and then we stopped here at D’ Japanese Tunnel for a quick historical tour.

Davao City| Magsaysay Fruit Stalls “Durian Haven”

The Magsaysay Park has been known to many because it’s the favorite place of durian and mangoesteen lovers in Davao City. They may not be serving the cheapest durian fruit and candies but it became a landmark of Davao City, that when you are looking for a durian haven where you can eat and go, then it’s at Magsaysay.

Cebu | Lakwatsa Restolounge

I was first invited here last August 2013, during one of the PTB Meet ups in Cebu. Mr. Wilson Ng and Ms Melanie Ng was very generous to accommodate us in one of the shows at Lakwatsa Restolounge.

It’s a cultural show, showcasing the local talents of Cebu performing some of the Filipino cultural dances, singing some of the Filipino Cultural songs with a mix of other performances from other cultures. Watching the show lightens up my Filipino spirit. #nakakaproudFilipino kumbaga.

Davao City| Toryano’s Chicken Haus

Toryano’s Chicken Haus is one of the oldest landmarks in Davao City. According to the host Davaoeño who brought us there, the place is one of the oldest food place in Davao. They are known for their Native Chicken barbecue meal. It has been an all time favorite and a must try when you are in Davao City.

Davao City | Linmarr Hotel and Apartelles - Accommodation

Our team arrived Davao City at around 9:00 in the morning. We were waiting for our van pick-up from the airport, but there might be miscommunications from either the hotel or the person who made the reservation for us, that they missed to pick us up at the airport. We opted to rent a van on standby instead.

I have been to Davao City many times, my relatives live here, though we don't visit them that often, we have attended several events here in Davao. The host company hosted us in Linmarr Hotel and Apartelle. I was first given this apartelle all by myself. This is a 1 bedroom apartelle, complete with cable tv, hot and cold shower, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen and a sofa downstairs. Looking at it, you seemed to want to live here. When I surveyed the apartelle, I wanted to make my own humble abode like this. hehe

The apartelle comes with a parking space that fits 1 van. This single bedroom apartelle costs 2,800 per night. 
The next thing I know I was requested to transfer in a 2 bedroom …

Opening of SY BEE TIN by Jacko’s

Last December 5, 2013 Sy bee tin by Jacko’s officially opened for business. SY BEE TIN is a brand from Davao City known for their stuffed garlic breads and dimsum recipes.

We got a taste of the yummy stuffed garlic bread that comes with 2 variants; stuffed ham and cheese and stuffed double cheese. I personally love both and yes I love garlic bread to the nth level. I don’t know I love the smell of it on bread hehe.

Travel Tips: Toiletries and Re-usable Containers

Everytime I travel, I see to it that I won't be using as much disposable plastics while on the road. Even at home, I discourage my siblings and family from using sachets and or tetra packs. Everytime I do the grocery, I see to it that will buy the big containers so as to lessen the number of plastics we dispose.

Sachets, though looks economical and practical while on the road,but the truth is, it isn't. I bet you can't consume that full sachet of the shampoo or conditioner and while trying to budget the use of it and keep it in your toiletries bag, it would end up as a waste and messes up the bag, instead of saving, you end up opening another piece of sachet the next day. So instead buying a dozen of shampoo sachet and or conditioner, buy  the big containers and refill small container bottles before hitting the road. It won't take much of your time, and if you'll be patient enough, transferring from a big container to a smaller one won't be a mess.

Cagayan de Oro City | Philtown Hotel - Accommodation

Checked in too early for me to take that extended nap. I only had a few hours of sleep because of a late sign off, a long meeting on board the boat to Cagayan de Oro City from Cebu. We will be speaking in front of a hundred of real estate people today for the launch of the rental agency company of my boss.
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