The Newly Opened Laguindingan Airport | Picture Tour

Last June 15, 2013 the Laguindingan (soon to be International) Airport finally opened for operation. I'm lucky to be in one of the first few flights to Laguindingan Airport that day. I am excited and curious at the same time, and most likely all of the passengers who will be flying out and flying in to the airport. My flight was scheduled 11 am in the morning. Surprisingly there was no delay so I arrived at exactly 11:50 am in the morning.

It's not tagged as International Airport yet because according to CAAP there are no Internatiional Flights catered yet.

The arrival area, pretty decent and cute in size. 

The runway is clean and smooth. Though the plane in the picture is not my sponsor. I rode a CebuPacific flight in this trip. I welcome sponsors though :D

It was a pretty smooth landing compared to the old Lumbia airport, most likely because the runway is still new and it's long enough for the planes so that they don;t have to hit the break too soon to halt.

It's far from what I expected but it's decent enough. If you would compare it to the old airport, it is indeed far better. But if you'd compare it to other International Airports it still needs improvement. But I guess it's too soon for me to judge, yet because it's still the first day and there will be great changes as the time comes.

After picking up my things from the arrival area. I was wondering where I could get a bus or a shuttle going to Cagayan de Oro to attend the Media Launch of Seda Hotel. I believe that the Cagayan de Oro businessmen where able to position themselves early to handle confused passengers about where to go. A number of shuttle companies where able to position booths to cater passengers willing to pay an extra peso for travel convinience.

I tried looking for Iligan based companies and they were not there yet, though I was expecting for Super 5 to position their buses at the airport. It was when I already rode a shuttle going to CDO that I noticed a standy by Super 5 bus at the National High way to cater passengers going to Iligan City.

The shuttle from airport for Cagayan de Oro Centrio Mall is priced at 199.oo pesos (promo price according to them). It is expensive in a sense that CDO to Iligan is only 85 pesos.

Check out my other Laguindingan Airport posts for updates. I'll be flying back to Cebu via Laguindingan Airport. I'll post tariffs soon. 


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