Naga City Cebu | Baywalk with the super twins

It wasn't one of the typical weekends I had. It was one of the memorable weekends of 2013.It has been 3 years since they were born and yet, I will be meeting them for the very first time, with Kim. They're Mom, Emperatriz is a good friend and a classmate in highschool, lives in Naga City Cebu.

When we arrived they were already in a deep sleep. hehe 
From Cebu City you will be passing 1 city and another Municipality before you reach Naga City. It's like travelling from Iligan City to Manticao Misamis Oriental. Yeah you can vision it that way. But it doesn't really take up so much time travelling because of the South reclamation road #thankGodforSRP. It would only take around 45 minutes of chat and reminiscing highschool memories from Cebu City to Naga City. You wouldn't even notice it. And since we're travelling night time, there was no traffic at all.

I had the chance to sleepover in Naga City, Cebu. Kim, by the way, arrived from Cebu to process her papers for her spousal visa to America. And that's the main reason why she is in Cebu. But of course since we haven't met since highschool, it's the best time to catch up, reminisce and bond. At this time she's 3 months pregnant, if my memory serves me right. The travel from Cebu City to Naga City and vice versa is very stressful for her and it upsets her stomach so she pukes most of the time. 

Anyway after the sleepover we went to explore a little bit of Naga City and checked out their beautiful baywalk. I was impressed to know that they have a publicly owned badmenton gym near the baywalk, where the people of Naga can play badmenton, exercise and or just run around the plaza. #nicetoknow

The kids were so excited for the photoshoot that they were so game to wear make up and pose for Tita Kimmy. Of course my dear classmate and kumare Emperatriz showed her pose too. Well, I'm not really born model and I can only take pretty (yes na!) pictures, so there posing is not my thing. I don't know how to portray emotions somehow in pictures hehe.

Mom, twins and the photographer


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