Gabii sa Kabilin 2013: San Pedro Calungsod Chapel

San Pedro Calungsod Chapel is a recently built chapel in honor of the first Visayan saint, San Pedor Calungsod, that has become one of Metro Cebu's newest cultural attractions. Its strikingly contemporary architecture is a testament to Cebuano's deeply-rooted religiosity in a fast-changing world. (addcg to the Gabii sa Kabilin 2013 guide).

San Pedro Calungsod Chapel is an architectural obra. It's a church with many walls, like seriously. It's like domino pieces carefully arranged to be the different portons of the church. And upon carefully discovering each wall, I found out that alternately there are different stations of the cross in it.I like the clean slate of the church. Painted in off white , a mixture of incandescent and flourscent light makes the ambience so peaceful and holy like.

I wonder how it looks like when filled with much of church goers. I should attend a mass here one of these days. Check out their mass schedule:

Weekdays 6PM
Saturday (Anticipated Mass) 6PM
Sunday Mass 9AM and 6PM

San Pedro Calungsod Chapel is located at SM Seaside Complex, South Road Properties, Cebu City.

P.S. the photos were taken during the Gabii sa Kabilin 2013 Line 6 only with a camera phone.


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