Gabii sa Kabilin 2013: Museo Parian sa Sugbo

 The Museo Parian sa Sugbo showcases the history and culture of the Parian District of Cebu, which was the economic heart of Cebu City for most of the Spanish Period.  Built in  1730, the museum is the former residence of Jesuits who did missionary work in the Diocese of Cebu. (GSK 2013 Guide)

I enjoyed museo parian. why? Because the experience was a bit personal. The harana and sorbetes was cool, but knowing the history of the place and how it almost vanished was heartwarming. Good thing the new owner know the value of the house, the history and the heritage it brings. They beautify the place, brought in antique pieces in it and refurbished the structure. Majority of the wood and stones in the building is still original as it was built. But all the wood pieces and furnitures in it were already add ons.

This door below is the original entrance gate or door of the church or convent. It has been condemned. They no longer use it though.


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