Gabii sa Kabilin 2013: Fo Guang Shan Chu Un Temple

The Chu Un Buuddhist Temple is one of the branches of the worldwide Sangha of Fo Guang Shan based in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Chu Un in Cebu City has been providing Dharma services and educational and cultural activities to Filipinos for more than 20 years. (GSK 2013 Guide)

 The temple is located just near where I used to be renting, but I never knew that the temple is open for the
public to visit. It's my first to visit the temple. Every thing I experienced in it is first time.

1. First time to see what's inside a Buddhist temple.
2. Frist time to see a  real monk in my whole life. #personally
3. First time to make a wish infront of a Buddha
4. First time to talk with a buddhist monk.
5. First time to try Chinese Calligraphy.
6. First time to witness a Buddhist celebration/show.

Chinese Wisdom:

The Calligraphy and the reading:

The monk told me this:
" You have a heavy heart, LET GO. You let your emotions over power your brain in making decisions. Whatever you have (emotionally) in your lovelife, in your past, in your family, LET GO. Stop thinking about your reputation or what other people might say about you. Stop thinking about wealth. You will never get what you wanted or wish for unless you LET GO. If you want to succeed LETGO."

Kaboom! That's what I can say. It was a strong slap on the face and a wake up call. I keep on convincing my self that I have let go, but I haven't. I wanted to ask for more and wanted to know more. But I guess the word "LET GO" is enough.

I surely can't get that out of my head at this time. Need to work on that LETTING GO now!

Lesson learned: Use your brain and make decision, not your emotions. :D

The temple welcomes Filipinos in their celebrations. They say that the best time to visit the temple is during New year and chinese new year. :) I'll make that part of my must do next year then.


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