[EVENTS] Jacko’s Kan-anan Seafood Bilao - Food Tasting

If you’re fond of eating seafood or you treat seafood like heaven, then this will definitely drive you nuts.

A serving of crispy squid, baked tahong, garlic shrimp, half serving of kinilaw, a serving of grilled tuna and steamed veggies will surely make you overdose with anti-histamines. I mean seriously, this bilao good for 3 to 4 people is actually just good for a 1 hungry juan. And indeed this is absolutely heaven.

I can seriously consume 1 whole bilao all by myself, but would probably drink a box of anti-histamine afterwards lols. It’s a super sulit meal of 480** pesos. You can visit Jacko’s Kan-anan along Bonifacio Avenue Hinaplanon Iligan City.

They do have Eat All You Can dinner every month and all of these goodies are served unlimitedly (oh well no such word so i just made that up okay? hehe) . Catch their eat all you can payday schedules and enjoy good food!

**Price may change without prior notice.

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