[EVENTS] Eat All You Can sa Jacko’s Kan-anan

Unlimited rice, viands and desserts! That’s what eat all you can is. It’s literally eating everything until you still can or consume all you want kumbaga. It’s usually priced between 199 – 699 pesos. While I was still in Cebu, me and my team of call center agents and office mates always goes to Eat All You Can restaurants to consume all we want lols most specially during paydays. It’s like treating yourself after a tiring day at work.

Eat all you can scenarios are not served regularly in Iligan City. And being influenced by the Eat All You Can culture in Cebu City Jacko’s Kan-anan introduced the craze to Iliganons. It is not the first time that restaurants in Iligan gambled with eat all you can events, but only Jacko’s Kan-anan were able to pull it off.

Every eat all you can payday, there’s an overflowing number of guests enjoying good food and good service at Jacko’s. If you haven’t tried their meals yet, you better try it on their next EAUC payday. Like them in Facebook and check out their payday EAUC schedule. For only 199 pesos per person, you have an unlimited supply of good food.

This is me and my siblings in one of their eat all you can Fridays! J

They have Eat All You Can Schedule on Valentine's Day! Book your tickets now! :)

Tickets sold at P199*. Call 222-4610 or 09177168773 for reservations. 
*Exclusive of drinks.
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