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[EVENTS] Eat All You Can sa Jacko’s Kan-anan

Unlimited rice, viands and desserts! That’s what eat all you can is. It’s literally eating everything until you still can or consume all you want kumbaga. It’s usually priced between 199 – 699 pesos. While I was still in Cebu, me and my team of call center agents and office mates always goes to Eat All You Can restaurants to consume all we want lols most specially during paydays. It’s like treating yourself after a tiring day at work.

[EVENTS] Jacko’s Kan-anan Seafood Bilao - Food Tasting

If you’re fond of eating seafood or you treat seafood like heaven, then this will definitely drive you nuts.
A serving of crispy squid, baked tahong, garlic shrimp, half serving of kinilaw, a serving of grilled tuna and steamed veggies will surely make you overdose with anti-histamines. I mean seriously, this bilao good for 3 to 4 people is actually just good for a 1 hungry juan. And indeed this is absolutely heaven.
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