During our stay In Dipolog City, Ralph Tan once mentioned to us that Halo-halo in Dipolog is a must try. And the famous one is just in-front of the City Hall. Julie’s Halo-halo and Refreshment.

 It’s a small snack bar who has been serving Dipolognon’s and it’s visitors since 1963. According to the people of Dipolog, the taste of the halo-halo did not change as time goes by. A lot of Dipolognons would always go back to the place and have a taste of Julie’s Halo-halo.

The way they described it makes me want to try it asap. So after our quick courtesy call in the city tourisms office, Christian said we should try the halo-halo. I was not hungry when I entered the place but after seeing the banana cakes and the halo-halo served to the other table, I was like okay “ako pud isa” (1 order please).

The halo-halo is served for 50.00 pesos and the banana cake for 14.00 per slice. Instead of the usual ice cream, the halo-halo was topped with leche flan. Yummy! I really had a great time with that halo-halo break. All of us were seated in one table, taking pictures and exchanging conversations even though Chino was not feeling well.

On the 3rd day in Dipolog City, we had another Halo-halo break. We were supposed to dine at Julie’s again but there were a lot of people on queue. So Benson said there’s another halo-halo store in the boulevard that also tastes good. So we rode a tricycle and head to that halo-haloan, they locally call it as halo-haloan sa boulevard. To my surprise the halo-halo only cost 15 pesos each, topped with ube (yam) jam and rice crisp.

 It sure does taste good too. They actually offer a special halo-halo for 18.00 pesos. I don’t really know the difference between the two hehe. They also serve home made empanada and arroz caldo for a very affordable price.

On your next visit to Dipolog City, you might want to visit the different halo-haloan in town hehehe try one at Julie’s they are most proud of their halo-halo there and also the cheap halo-halo at the boulevard. Tricycle drivers are very familiar of the place, so just tell them you want to go there.

T Til the next PurpleSlipperz Adventure!

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